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Being an obsesive compulsive.... now tattooed too!

Hi, first of all thank you for taking the time to read this. It's very considerate of you since I took the time to write it. Well I'm a 31 YO single straight male, from a very conservative family, friends, country, work enviroment etc (think conservative and I'm there), the kind of person noone expects to get any kind of mod. Well they are pretty wrong, considering that for many years I've been what I've come to call a "closeted piercee", and have some never to be seen piercings such as a 0G Frenum and my septum to a 6G (which I let close recently cause the hole was getting in the "in danger to be seen" zone) and a couple holes in my ears that some weekends I might stretch to a 12G but them let shrink back so they are really unnoticeble. But I always found tattoos, specially in arms to be very cool, but always hold be back the "forever" concept involved in tattooing.

As I mentioned I always liked looking at tattoos (never ever missed the tribal seccion in BME, thank you, since these are the styles I like most), but it was just this summer (our summer goes from dec-feb) that while we were on the beach, my cousing took her 10 year old son to get a Henna Tattoo, I went with them, and while he was getting it I looked through the folder and said what the heck, I'll get one too since it'll be over in 10 days or so. And so I got a small Henna tattoo, which I liked even though it was small, but I never expected what was about to happen....

As the days went by I couldn't stop in front of a mirror without taking time to admire my tattoo, but since I showered twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon to get the sea salt of), and all the ocean swimming, the tattoo started to fade a little faster than the 10 days It was suppossed to last, which woke in me a feeling I had no idea I had. At first, it kind of made me sad, and after 5 days I was considering going for a retouch, but then I said to myself, why bother, get a real one.

So when I got back to the city, with my computer and internet, I started searching for a nice design. I wanted something tribal like, not too curvy, more straight edges and stuff, to go over my arm. I search over 1.000.000 designs, until I found something that I not only liked, but kind of loved, so I made some adjustments and I got something I trully loved. So I stared printing it. At first I printed a 2.4 X 4.3 inch design whcih in the paper looked HUGE! I printed it in a transparency paper and taped it in my arm, and it looked so tiny that it didn't look right at all. So my obsesion begun. It tried diferect sizes with the technique I'll describe in the next paragraph, until I got to the final size, about 3.5 x 7.2 inchs.

I was looking for a tattoo size that on regular short sleeve shirts would not be seen, but if the sleeve was a little short or I stretched my arms, part of the tattoo would be seen. Obviously with no sleeve's shirts it seen completely. I wear short sleeves in my work (I'm a doctor) so I wanted to keep the choice on me to show it whenever I wanted to or not. Then I started printing it and trying in diferent sizes. One thing that helped a lot was printing the design in a transparency sheet cause:

1.- I could cut it out and tape it to see the visual effect.

2.- If I moisted my arm with some water and press the transparency, the design was transfered (depending on the quality of the transparency, bein low quality the higher tranference rate) at about 60-80%, allowing me to see how the design, location and size worked for me.

After days of investing bubble jet ink on my desition, I came with the right design, size and placement, so now to look for the right studio/artist. Did some web research, until I pick one that I liked and went to take a look and made the appointment. The appointment was 4 days foward, which I liked and didn't (I wanted to get inked right away since I've already made my mind), but the fact that they were booked for the week was kind of a good sign anyway.

Those were some of the longest days of my life I could remember,until the day came. It was a friday afternoon, I got out from work at 12:30 but the appointment wasn't till 6 PM. So went home, ate lunch and waited. At 4PM I was so anxious, that I decided to go walking, since by foot it was like 1 hour walk instead of the 15 min drive, and the exercise could help release anxiety, and so it did. I ate a chocolate bar and got to the shop at 17:45 but they were running a little late so they got started at 6"15.

They did some shaving in my arm, did the placing of the design, showed me the disposables needles (at that time I was like yeah yeah get started for god's sake!)and started with the outline. I read many stories about pain, so I didn't know what to expect. I must say that yeah, it hurt a little but it was the kind of pain that you just love. So she did the outline then the filling, and like 2 hours later (with did lots of talking!) it was finished. I loved it. Went through the aftercare stuff, apid and leave. She did mentioned that my skin was kind of hard to get the ink in so that I would probably need some retouch in 20 days or so.

I loved the tattoo, now being almost 2 days old, and so far:

1.- The pain: wasn't at all bad, actually I kind of liked it so I'm planning to get something new, but not so soon. Don't want to overink myself.

2.- Some itching but not so much, actually the regrowing of the hairs they shaved is kind of worse.

3.- Got some good reactinos from my peers, and the ocasional judgemental and dissapointed look from my mom, but she can either loved it or hate it for life. That;s her problem.

4.- I strongly recomend my (I'm pretty sure I wasn't the first one, but never read it before) transparency transfer technique. It helps a lot to get the right tattoo, and to try it our with diferent clothing and get a very realistic image of how It'll look.

As a last thought, some may say why on earth would you do something like that. I say, I like it, and I real don't see a reason not to, so I really don't need to look for reasons to justify myself to others. Bye!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Monica+Lara
Studio: Estetica+2001
Location: Santiago%2C+Chile

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