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My first (and definitaly not last) tattoo

When I was in high school, I always was interesting in tattoos and what not. I loved the different designs, the colors, and the ability to put them wherever I wanted to. I'd get the cheap temporary tattoos and place them all over myself and gloat to my friends about how I was going to get one as soon as possible. I tried to find people at my school with tattoos, but no one had them. Thus I had to resort to surfing BME to see all the different styles and types of body modification. I think that it is definitely an expression of who you are and how you want to portray yourself to the world. Tattoos become part of you not only literally, but spiritually as well. Its something lasting and great, and of course knowing that, I had to pick a tattoo that would best suit me.

My parents however did not share the joyous passion that I did, and insisted that no body modifications would be placed upon me while I lived at home. They hated the look of piercing and tattoos, and grew up in the 50s. Thus, no luck with tattoos for me until college. Thankfully though college was only months away.

When I got to college I saw how everyone had such amazing tattoos. For the first time I knew people with tats and was able to talk to them about the experience. It was then that I knew I just had to get one to express myself and who I was as a person.

I knew I wanted it to do with my beliefs, but I wasn't sure what. Finally I settled on the Hebrew word for "life". It means a lot to be since I did try to kill myself before, but over came the depression. I wanted to declare to other that I was alive and that I was not going to bend to a disease or to peer influence; that I could rise above what I had gone through. I wanted it on my hip to easily hide, and so I began asking people where the best place to go was. After hearing raving reviews about this place called Studio Zee, I decided to check it out.

It was located in the city, but the place itself was pretty clean. The receptionist was very kind to me and helped me figure out exactly where I wanted it and who I wanted to do it. After making the appointment and putting the down payment, I left feeling anxious and ready. A week later I was back with my good friend, shaking in the car on the way there. She kept telling me I'd be fine, but it was more excitement than nerves taking over. We got inside and waited about three minutes until I was called in. We discussed the tattoo, and he placed the stencil on me to make sure that I liked the location and the position of it.

Finally I laid down on the tattoo chair, and he got everything ready, sterilizing each piece of equipment. At first the pain was nothing, and I just laid down, listening to the music being played over the speakers. After ten minutes though it started to feel like a slight bee sting. I concentrated on the halogen light bulb and counted the ceiling tiles in the room. After another five minutes I began to meditate, ignoring the pain that I felt while he was tattooing on just above my hip bone. Finally a bit after though he was done, and he cleaned it off to show me. I was so happy! It was perfect, every little detail that was done to it. I quickly paid and tipped him, and went back to college to show my friends. My mother was not pleased, but what could she do.

A week after though, due to some stupidity of my own doing, I realized that my pants were irritating the tattoo and that some of the ink had rubbed off. I was so sad to see my once amazing tattoo partly ruined, but I called the studio and they said they'd take a look at it and fix it. I got it touched up, and definitely took better care of it than I did last time. Now my next tattoo is going to be of the Hebrew word for love on my other hip, so it looks related. I loved the experience I went through, and the feeling I got of knowing the I am finally doing something I always wanted to do. I feel like I'm part of the body mod club now, with my piercing and tattoo, and that I am helping to destroy the stereotypes of people with body mods


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Hebrew Tattoos

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Originally written by Krista

Artist: Rob
Studio: Studio Zee
Location: New Haven, CT

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