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The Dragoness Inside

ngs and Salutations! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kelly, and I am known as the Kelster, or Dragon to my friends and family. I think I was 15 when I first tattooed myself. Just high school bullshit, and I sorely regretted my lack of artistic ability. For the next 18 years, I wore shirts to cover what I had done, always promising myself that one day I would get a beautiful tattoo to cover my mistakes. Never did the thought of having them removed, or not covered by another tat pass through my mind. I never imagined that last week, when I sat in the tattoo artists' chair for the first time, that the experience would forever change the way I saw myself. I am 5 foot even, and 260lbs. I work at an answering service where people talk to me, but never see me. When callers ask me what I look like, I tell them I look like a troll, short, fat, and ugly. I planned my life that way, blending into the background, ashamed of myself, and the way I looked. Finally, last week, I was able to afford the tattoo I wanted. A beautiful Dragon drawn by my friend Lionel. He is perched on a band containing my online handle in a Celtic script. It covers all three of my self-administered tats. And it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! The experience, was a very intense one for me, I sat in the chair, and felt very comfortable with what was about to happen. I have been coming to BME for several years, and read the stories, and saw the pictures, and was very prepared in my mind. I had waited so long for this, that I think it was a relief to finally know it was about to happen. I was very careful in choosing the tattoo artist, and finally settled on Dan at Bullwinkles Tattoo and Body Piercing. I think it was the dragon head mounted on the wall that convinced me he was the artist for the job. When the needle first entered my body, I was enthralled. I don't think I can describe, and only a person that has been tattooed can probably understand that I KNEW this was right for me. The room was very clean, and the shade was not pulled, so all who came into the shop could see what was happening. I was there for 4 hrs total, and still have to go back to finish, but all day people were coming in to see the work in progress, and for once in my life, I was not ashamed. I wanted people to see what was happening to me. I wanted them to see the first symbol of expression I had decided to use for myself. The design of the tattoo had taken weeks, my friend and I wanting to make sure that it said what I wanted it to. It took Dan about an hour to work our idea into a viable tattoo to cover my amateur artwork, and believe me, it is Big! But, hey Im a big woman. All kinds of thoughts were passing through my head, such as, wonder what my mom will say, (I know, I know..33yr old women shouldnt worry about such things)would she think it was as beautiful as I did? she said she would get used to it.. Would my kids think it was kewl? they told their friends at school, and I dont know if that is good or bad What did Lionel think? His artwork being published on this canvas of flesh? he now wants to be a tattoo artist...Watch out World! I am thrilled! I am addicted! I was so comfortable during the entire process, it was like I had been waiting for that moment to be born! For the first time in my life there is a part of my body that is beautiful, and I am not ashamed to share him (the Dragon)with anyone who wishes to see. It has been quite a growth experience for me. Never in my life have I worn a tank top in public, never have I sought attention, and yet, in the last week, I have reveled in it. I don't think words can possibly express what I am feeling every time I am complimented on how beautiful my tattoo design is. I didn't know this woman was inside of me. P.S. Aftercare: the tattoo studio recommended Lubriderm, however, after using it for a day, I discovered I was allergic to it. My friend Lionel, after having gotten a tattoo last year recommended A&D ointment, and this has worked much better for me. I smell like a bad babies bottom, but hey, my tattoo is healing Great!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Bullwinkle%27s+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Wichita%2C+Ks

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