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~*~mY 2nD TaTtOo~*~

rO~*~ well hello there! i've already wrote about my first tattoo...my eyebrow ring...my tongue ring....and now i'm writing about my 2nd tattoo! well i was going to be in winnipeg for a weekend and i wanted to get something done. i knew momsy would be VERY mad at me if i came home with ANOTHER piercing without asking her, so i decided on a tattoo. this was kinda dumb because i didn't really know what i want or anything, i just knew i wanted a tattoo. i don't regret it or anything..but it would've been better if i had waited and gotten a more meaningful design. ~~ThE sTuDiO~~ well i looked in the yellow pages under tattoos and i picked the one closest to where i was going to be saying (it was about 2 blocks away, excellent). i didn't know anybody that had gotten tattoos in winnipeg so i couldn't ask for opinions. i phoned to make an appointment and the guy sounded really friendly and stuff. i made my appointment for saturday @ 3pm. i told him i didn't know what i wanted so i'd come in early to check out the designs. ~~ tHe DaY oF tHe TaTtOo~~ soooooo, on saturday at around 2pm, we left to go to the studio. my cousin (stupid stupid stupid!) got the address wrong and we ended up going all the way out of the city. so we had to turn around and go back. i was soooooo worried. "oh no, i'm not going to get my tattoo!!". but sure enough we got the address right the SECOND time around. and we were still 15 minutes early. but i'm a real punctual person and usually i'm like 1/2 hour early. but oh well. we were there. that's all that i cared about. ~~PiCk A TaTtOo..AnY TatToO..~~ Soooooooo, i looked through all their binders of designs and finally i settled on a medium sized tribal design. i thought it'd look fairly snazzy on the small of my back so that's where i said i wanted it. i gave the lady the note from momsy with consent but she had to phone momsy just to make sure. so that was ok, mother said fine. yesh!! i was so close to getting my second tattoo!!! ~~HoPe Ya' LiKe NeEdLeS...~~ well the lady was going to be doing my tattoo. she took me to the back room and made me lay on my tummy on this table thing...just like they have in doctor's offices. so that was cool. the place was very clean and yet it still made me feel comfortable. snazzy. so she drew it on with a pen and told me to go look at it in the mirror. i told her it was spiffy and then i was ready to get it over with. ~~Oh ThE PaIn Of It aLL..~~ well my first tattoo is on my shoulder blade..it didn't hurt much. but oh my gosh did this second one hurt!!!!! i think it was because it was on my spinal cord and low down (which i heard afterwards is a sensitive spot). it took about 45 minutes. then i was done. ~~WhAt? No InTeRaC??~~~ sooo the lady took a picture of my tattoo...then she put some cream on it....and a really HUGE bandage. but the bandage didn't stick because of all the cream. the second i got outta there i yanked it off. so anyways, i went to pay the lady and then i figured out they don't have interac. uh oh. i just had my card with me. FORTUNATELY, she said "oh no problem, there's an atm two blocks down, i'll wait here". I thought that was a little odd, cuz i could just take off without paying. but oh well..whatever works for them. but then i though "oh, they have my medical # and stuff...they could track me down" and plus i'm such an honest person i'd never do that! =) muhahahahahahahahha!!!!! but anyways, i went to the atm and i got my cash and went back and paid. then me and my cousin left and went to the mall. the first thing i did is went to the bathroom and yanked off that stupid huge bandage. the thing wrapped around my whole lower body! by then my tattoo was stinging a bit, but my first one did that too. nothing to worry about. =D ~~aDiEu AnD fArEwELL!~~ so that's the end of my tale. if you are thinking about getting a tattoo i'd say GO FOR IT! the pain is worth it..and if you get it in a non-sensitive area...the pain is hardly there! basicly it feels like a cat scratch. and that's when they do the outline. when they fill it in you can hardly feel it at all! ciao for now peoples! until i write my next experience! eMoTiOn SiCkNeSs http://www.angelfire.com/mb/goth THE END!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: um..i+don%27t+know+her+name...a+lady
Studio: Fantasy+Tattoo
Location: Winnipeg%2C+MB

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