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Pixies Inspiration

ed 18 about a week before and I was sitting with a friend eating lunch one day in early January and she mentioned "Let's get matching tattoos." I didn't really know what to think, I'm more into piercing than tattoos so I told her if she could think of something that I would actually want, I would do it with her. I barely have any piercings now, but I have plans. Hehe. For a few days we thought about it, asking all of our friends what to get and finally a friend recommended to us to get No. 13 on our breasts. It was in reference to the song "Number 13 baby" by the Pixies off the album Doolittle. The Pixies are a very important band to both my friend and I, so it sounded perfect. The actual lyric of the song is "She had a tattooed tit say number 13" It took about two weeks for my friend and I to actually get to the tattoo place (We had work scheduling problems). By the time we actually were there to get it done, we were both so excited we could barely sit still. We chose Gold Coast because a) it's the only place to get a tattoo in Monterey and b) a few friends had gotten tattoos there and they turned out really nice. If we didn't think it was a good place to get a tattoo, we wouldn't have had any problem driving an hour or so to another city. We got there and a few friends came with us for support (my friend and I are not good about pain really). We filled out the forms and showed proof of our ages. The people at Gold Coast were really really nice and let us put on a Pixies CD for when we were getting it done. The tattooist went in the back and started getting everything ready. At this point I was really nervous about the whole thing and asked to use the bathroom so I walked through the back and it was completely spotless and clean, I was happy about that. Also, when we went in we were both asking a lot of questions at lightning speed and no one who worked there seemed to mind and they answered everything for us. My friend went first. She decided to get her "No. 13" in a cursive type print. I watched and she didn't look like she was in too much pain and to my surprise it took about three minutes for the tattoo to be over with. That made me feel a lot better and while the tattooist went to the back again to get setup again, my friend and I went outside for a cigarette and she said it really was nothing, it just felt like a little pinching of the skin that gets annoying, but doesn't hurt. It was my turn and I felt silly because I didn't wear anything quite appropriate to get my breast tattooed so the tattooist found a tube top in the back for me to wear. I sat down on the chair and he first cleaned off my breast with a swab and showed me how it would look and the placement on it. My tattoo was to be block letters of "no. 13", with the n lower case. He showed me how the gun operated and let me hold it to see how much it vibrates in your hand. While he was giving me the tattoo I looked away (because I'm a wuss) but we talked about how he has tenninitus (spelling?) now because of tattooing and how his favorite art to do is large pieces of Chinese scenes. He had a few books out and a few of my friends started flipping through them. My friend asked if he had ever done this particular tattoo before and he said no, but he had done a lot of 13's in general. He knew that I was very nervous and he kept his voice very calm and steady. I asked him if anyone has ever passed out on him before and then he got worried and asked if I was doing okay. I told him I was fine and by that time the tattoo was done with. He put ointment on the tattoo and bandaged it, telling me how to take care of it. He gave both my friend and I a little card about aftercare. Since it was such a small tattoo, it took about a week to heal. My boyfriend has told me that he thinks I might regret it but whenever I look at it I'm completely happy. My mother doesn't know about it and I don't know if I'll ever tell her. She is not supportive of tattoos (or piercings, when I got my cartilage on my right ear pierced I had to wear my hair over it for two weeks so she wouldn't know) in the least and she wouldn't


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Feb. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Adam+Roach
Studio: Gold+Coast+Tattoo
Location: Monterey%2C+California

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