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My Ladybug, Jeboah!

y name is Jenn and I am a 19 yr old bod mod addict. As my parents aren't so keen on this, I am fairly limited to what I can do, unless I want to pay for college myself, which is out of the question. I have 8 earrings (7 lobe, 1 rook), my navel pierced twice, my nipples pierced and, of course, my ladybug tattoo. I also have a tattoo of a moon on my ankle that I did myself with india ink and a sterilized needle, but I don't ordinarily count it. On a side note, I do not suggest people try to do these kind of tattoos; they fade and never come out as nice as you would like them to. I am looking into getting another tattoo (a dragon with butterfly wings), getting my tongue pierced. I just have to be SURE that I can hide them, and also, for some reason, I am scared to pierce my tongue. My story begins, oddly enough, with my boyfriend. I have always been a fan of piercings and tattoos and he had recently decided that he wanted to get a tattoo. Of course, I said that if he went without me, I would never talk to him again. I neglected to mention that I very much like to know exactly what I'm getting myself into when I decide on something like a tattoo or a piercing (one more reason I love BME!). Pretty much, I wanted to see exactly what happens in a tattooing. One weekend, we drove up from Massachusetts (where all kinds of fun things are illegal, including tattoos) and drove right over the border to New Hampshire. This has it's good points. Since they're illegal at home, a lot of tattoo studios are clustered on the border, and so, we had a good selection in a small area. We finally settled on Jim's Tattoo due to photos of their clients and the cleanliness of the area. And so it began: my boyfriend picked out a tattoo (a Japanese character that means "warrior" that he wanted on his right shoulder blade) and we were off. We were exceptionally lucky to have been paired with a wonderful tattoo artist named Ed. His part of the studio was by far the cleanest and best organized. We felt very confident. He had a wonderful, professional manner. He was shaved and the design was transfered onto his skin perfectly. The actual tattooing was quick and precise. After we paid (tip included, of course) and left, I asked for all the dirty details and he said that only the outlining hurt and even then it wasn't bad at all. Right then, I decided that I had to get one. I scraped up some funds and soon after that day, we were off to get me a tattoo! I decided on something small, because, for some reason, I really feel that I would regret something small more than something large (strange, I know). Also, if I got bored, I could cover it up at some point. I decided on a silver dollar-sized ladybug placed, well, placed in the "upper butt-crack" area, as a friend so elegantly put it. We requested Ed and once again, we were in the chair. Now, I am not very meaty in that area, and so, I was told that it may be a little sensitive, but it really didn't hurt at all! It was more like an annoying itching feeling that I wanted to scratch the whole time. Like many people say though, the needle used for outlining is a lot more annoying than the one used to fill in the tattoo. Ed bandaged my ladybug (it's been named Jeboah by a friend) and we got in the car for a bumpy ride home, which was not to fun at all. Some closing notes: neosporine is a good thing. It helps a lot when the tattoo gets very dry and itchy. It's also rather interesting trying to manuver and clean yourself in a teeny dorm shower when you're trying to avoid soaking your new tattoo. It healed very well and the colors are still nice and vibrant. I am exceedinly happy with Ed's handiwork; Jeboah looks very shiny and very real. What I basically want to leave you with is(if you haven't gotten too bored with this and stopped reading by now), if you're apprehensive about getting a tattoo, don't be. It does not hurt any more than any piercing I have gotten, including my gunned lobes. They are also very easy to heal. Just be sure that you consider what you get before you get it, for very obvious reasons. To reward you for reading this much, I will tell you a story that I find particularly funny about a kid I met who was drinking and kidding around one night, saying that he wanted a tattoo of one of those little aligators that are embroidered on those polo shirts. The next morning, he awoke with a hangover and a small green aligator tattoo on his chest. Just a thought to consider. Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Feb. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Ed
Studio: Jim%27s+Tattoo
Location: Seabrook%2C+NH

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