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n love with ink. Literally. I can't think of a more gratifying experience than to have beautiful artwork portrayed on your body. However, I'm not the kind of girl who gets a tat and then rushes right back for another a month or two later...I take my time, because I just know when the time is right to have more ink slung and by that time I know what I want and won't be admonishing myself for being stupid later. Now, it was one of those "I want another tat" moments that brought me into Mankato Ink one Friday.I know Tim "Oly" Olson very well (he is the only one who I let tattoo me)and so I had told him that I wanted some tribal art right on my lower back. I had drawn a really nice pattern that I wanted him to look at, and together we decided on a similiar pattern and we made the appointment for the following Monday. I'll admit that for the first time, I was very nervous about getting this done because I've heard that the lower back is painful. However, dear Readers, pain is NOT a reason to not get tattooed!!!I know that I was feeling braver about pain because I've been thru labor and know that giving birth is about one of the most painful arenas a woman could ever experience! So, with that in mind, I went into see Oly at 12 on Monday. Oly is a huge biker with long hair and a beard, who is sleeved out w/some awesome work. He looks like he could get mad and kick some real a if he wanted but in fact, Oly is a soft spoken gentleman who is very kind and receptive to what his customers want. By the time I saw him, he had the pattern all ready for my inspection/approval and I got in the chair. Oly put the pattern on, and since we both liked the placement, he went ahead. Now, my tribal is about four inches high and ten inches across. it was done only in black ink. When that needle first hit my skin, my fiancee' told me that I went bright white. All I did was lower my head into my hands and wait for the outline to be over. For me, the outline is the part that hurts the most. As Oly was doing the outline, I felt very nauseated. This worried me because I'd never felt that way with any of my tats. However, I just stayed where I was and just commented that this hurt. Oly laughed and said that nobody enjoys the pain, but the outcome(s) are definately worth it! He commented that the tattoo was a nice one and said that I'd like the lower back (it is a sexy place to have ink!) When Oly was thru w/the outline, he told me that I could get up for a moment so he could get ready to fill in the tattoo. Relieved, I went to the bathroom for a moment, went, and splashed some cool water on my face. Now, I was ready for part two of the procedure ;p As Oly was filling in the color, I discovered that it didn't hurt as much (see, your brain releases endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers) and I was more talkative. I would say that filling in the color went a lot faster. When the needle went over my spine it didn't hurt as much as the right side of my back (???) and as for the left side, that didn't hurt at all. Before I knew it (after 2 hours and $200 later) Oly was done. Of course,he bandaged me up, reviewed aftercare info, and sent me on my way. Now, the lower back, although a wonderful place to have tattooed, is uncomfortable when healing. When I sat or drove, I was slouched so as to not have my tat stick to my clothing (owwwwch) or to the bedsheets (or anything else, for that matter!) I slept on my tummy forever, it seemed. i noticed that some of the ink rubbed off but I guess that's normal. Whatever you do, do NOT use petrolatum products (they will suck the ink out and you will need a touch up); a little bit of neosporin does the trick for the first week, then aloe is good. My tat healed very differently from my others-it scabbed-hardcore!!! The whole thing was one big black scab, and it looked a little red toward the bottom. I called Oly who said that it was more sore there because that is where you bend and that part would probably be the last to heal up. He felt that infection was not present (and he was right-it was not infected) and just told me to be patient. After a couple weeks, it itched BAD (Note-never EVER itch them!!!!!That's how they get infected!!!) because it was healed underneath. All the skin started falling off. Remember to let the skin fall off (don't pick at it! you could be pulling ink out)on it's own. And then , I had my tat, and by far, it's my fave one. People always comment on it, and my fiancee thinks it's sexy. Oly was right....it IS a very sexy place to have ink...! See ya all later and thanx for reading ;p switch


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Feb. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Mankato+Ink
Location: Mankato%2C+MN

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