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Tattoo Tales by Kim

always wanted a tattoo and had never said anything about it to anyone but a few friends. One day I was talking with my friend Desirea and she said that she had wanted a tattoo also. But there was one thing, we weren't 18 yet, so we had to wait (duh!). So I went to my computer to see if I could possibly find some ideas. I never realized how many tattoo web sites there was. So after weeks of searching, I found like three or four possibilities and I finally decided on a rose with some tribal. Desirea had actually gone before me (she got a moon on her upper back right below her neck) but then had promised to take me and she went and set up the appointment and everything and I was finally ready to get my tattoo. I came so close to not getting my tattoo, but then everything worked out. I got there and I was kinda nervous. I really wanted this done, but I thought it was going to hurt SO much!! So we sat there and signed all the forms and they checked I.D. and stuff like that. Then Tayra had to redraw the tattoo (to put it on a paper and so that it wasn't the same exact thing). That took about 30 minutes or less. And then came the time for me to finally sit in the chair to get my tattoo... it looked like a dentist chair and I HATE dentists... but it was alright. I got up there (after she had put the drawing on my leg and made sure that it was in a spot that I liked it) and then she set everything up.. everything was clean and sterile and came right out of bottles that were clean. She wore gloves and a little baggie was placed over the needle. And then she started it and damn that needle is loud for such a little thing. And then she started drawing the tattoo on my leg... my leg would not stop twitching because I was so nervous. But then it stop as I became less nervous and I got used to the feeling.. it didn't really hurt, it was more of a burning sensation... and love the water people, it's your friend and it feels sooooo good when they spray it on.
After everything was done (about an hour and a half or so) she cleaned it up and patched it up and gave me directions for care. I was so proud of myself that I had actually gone through it. Everyone thought it was so pretty and I absolutely love it. The healing took longer than I thought it would. I had actually banged it a few times on stuff because I'm a klutz and that hurt so much, more so than it did while I was getting it done. After about a week, it started to scab and then I wanted to cut my leg off. It itched SO much and I couldn't really put anything on it to calm the itching. I cleaned it with perfume free and color free soap and then used Neosporian (sp??) to heal it a bit quicker (they actually recommended A+H or A+D.. I can't really remember which one, but I used Neosporian instead because it had pain reliever in it). I cleaned it about three times a day and applied the Neopsorian after each cleaning for about a week. You also can't really soak it for like three weeks or so.. so I had to take quick showers. If you're smart, you shouldn't really get a tattoo too close to summer time so that you can actually go swimming in a pool and so that you can actually stay in the sun for more than 5 minutes (you're not suppose to get a sunburn or anything too close to the time that you got the tattoo). About 5 months I wanted another tattoo and after more time of searching I found an awesome lotus with tribal around it. The only thing was that it was pink, so I changed the color or a purple. My friend Mary wanted a tattoo also so we drove down to where I had gotten my first one and I couldn't remember how to get to the place. And then we finally found the place and it was closed (call before you go somewhere) . Mary had found a little heart with some tribal stuff around it... But Tayra had a different picture and it was must nicer than the one that Mary had and she used that one instead. So we went through all the same things (the drawing, the preparation)... Mary had actually gotten hers done by someone else, some guy that looks like Marilyn Manson, but that was alright. But this time it hurt soooo much more. I got mine on my back between my shoulder blades! OUCH!!! Mary got hers on the small of her back. Altogether, we were there for about 4 hours (because of the preparation and then times it took to do each of the tattoos) and costs about $85 for Mary's and about $135 for mine. But the prices were well worth it because it is something that will be there forever and that I love. The care for this one was a lot different because I couldn't reach it and it was a lot harder to take a shower in the morning without getting it too wet. And I also had to have my sister clean it and put the Neosporian on for me. But it was worth it because this one is even prettier than the rose on my leg.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tayra
Studio: Metamorphosis
Location: Kingston%2C+New+York

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