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Stars Upon Thars

s the story of my piece of art. For a long time I had wanted a tattoo. I usually give myself a present for my birthday each year. First it was my naval piercing, and then my tongue piercing. When I finally decided that this was the year to give myself the tattoo, I was dismayed to find out that I had moved to a state where the art is considered illegal. I guess Massachusetts still considers itself a Puritan state. But luckily I grew up in Florida where it is legal. So this Christmas when I went home to have a vacation I decided it was time to get one. I love stars. Almost every piece of jewelry I own has a star. I researched forever trying to find a tattoo with a star that suited my fancy. I searched the net for anything...but still nothing. Then I tried to design one. I tried everything but I think I was too close to the subject to come up with something perfect. Then came the idea of maybe just getting a huge star tattooed on my chest like the Sneetches in the Dr. Suess book. I then decided to just go and ask the artist to draw something for me.
I decided I wanted to go to Ancient Art because it had been around for years and I knew a couple people who got incredible tattoos there. So I took my brother and we went in on a Sunday afternoon. That was when I talked to Kimo and told him what I was looking for. I wanted a tribal for my lower back that incorporated a star. So I made an appointment for later in the week and gave him a chance to draw up a few ideas. It was like pulling teeth to find someone to go with me. I finally convinced my brother to go back with me to get it. When I went back on Tuesday I saw the idea he came up with and decided I wanted it. I was pretty nervous becasue it was my first one. But his voice was calm and it helped me to feel the same. The experience was very professional and very concise. He went through the process of copying it and putting it on the paper. Just so you know...when they spray the stuff on your back to prepare the area...it's very cold. Especially if you aren't expecting it. Then came the task of placing it. That went fine of course and everything was set. He made a few quick jokes and made me do the "hokey-pokey" to lighten the mood and he started. No turning back now. I admit that it hurt a bit at first. Which surprised most of my friends. I generally have a fairly high pain tolerance. But during it i asked for a magazine to look at. He went to the closet and came out with a few tattoo magazines. I'm not sure if reading about other people's experiences during my own helped me, but it did take my mind off what was going on behind me. The area eventually grew numb and then it was just a strange vibrating that shook the skin on my back. Half way through he stopped to clean the area. Again very cold, and like the first time, unexpected. Since I wanted black and blue he had to wipe away the excess black before proceeding with the blue. At this point my brother ventured around to check out was it looked like. He assured me that it was looking quite nice. Then he jumped right into completing my work of art. This time when he finished and was about to spray my back again with the evil cleaner that somehow reached sub-zero temperatures in sunny Florida, my brother warned me and i was prepared. After it was done he told me about the aftercare, and told me that if the bandage came off before it was supposed to he hoped my spine didn't fall out. I appreciated his joke and all around charming personality. We talked a bit after that about what there was to do for the New Year and I thanked him profusely for the beauty that was placed on my back. Every person who has seen it loves it. It was the best thing I did over my vacation. I have grown to have an addiction with body adornments. I definitely plan on adding to my present collection. I know that when I decide on my next tattoo I will go back to the same place and the same artist. There is a reason that I hardly ever refer to my tattoo as a tattoo. I usually refer to it as my work of art.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: kimo
Studio: ancient+art
Location: orlando%2C+fl

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