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How My Fairy Came To Be-The 14 yr. old who got inked

ot like most kids my age.When I say I want something,I put my mind to it and get it done.It's very important for me to be as much of an individual as I can possibly be,which is why my hair is pink,my navel is pierced,and why I designed my own tattoo. One night when I was in my room blasting KORN on my stereo and flipping through a book with pictures of faries in it I thought "Hey, I want one of these." So I got out some paper and started drawing my idea of the perfect fairy.After about 2 hours of work,the product was a light purple fairy about 3 inces tall with a shy,sweet smile and delicate wings,arm and legs.I was vey pleased. The next morning I showed the picture to my mom who loved it as much as I did.We agreed to go up to Body Art (the same place I got my navel pierced at) the coming week-end,provided I pay for it.I'd been saving my money for something,so I decided to put my $130 towards a piece of artwork for my body.My friend said that was a lot of money to waste on a tattoo,but I told him it was worth it.Besides,it came with a lifetime gaurantee. After the slowest week of my life,the week-end finally came.We drove to Body Art,and on the way had a huge discussion about how evil and cruel hunting is.In other words,I wasn't nervous at all. When we got to Body Art I told the manager,Shamus,that I wanted a tattoo.He gave me the forms to fill out,while my artist made the stencil of my beautiful fairy. He came out about 20 minutes later and told me I could come on back.He led me into the same room I got my navel pierced in,had me take off my shirt (I was getting my fairy tattooed on my back) and cleaned the place on my back where I was having my fairy placed,told me to lay down on a padded table,then he turned on some rally nice hard core music which for some reason helps me relax, and asked me if I was ready.I said yes. I have a very high pain endurance level so there was no pain for me,only a lot of discomfort.It felt like someone was pinching me really hard for a really long time. Every now and then my artist asked me if I was ok,and I said yes.When he was almost done,I couldn't stand the suspence anymore and I asked him if I could look at it.My fairy was absolutly gorgous.He made it better than I'd imagined.I was so happy.I laid down again and he started up the needle again which,by the way,makes the worlds most annoying sound,and went back to work. After a total of 45 minutes,I was done.I looked at it in the mirror again and this huge grin came over my face.When my artist saw me he started smiling and asked me how old I was and what made me decide on getting a fairy.I told him I was 14 and that I loved the way fairies looked and it was something I would always be proud of. At this point mt tat was feeling kind of hot and it stung a little bit but that went away when he put the ointment and bandage on it.He told me to take the bandage off in about two hours or so and to put lubriderm lotion on it every night for the first couple of weeks.I put my shirt on,and walked out front.He told me I did a great job and to come back in a week so they could take a picture of it and put it in their portfolio. I paid them my $130 and left,smiling.My mom was astonished that I wasn't embarrassed to take off my shirt in front of a stranger,but secretly,I thought that was part of the fun.I love having people look at me,and now they have something more to look at,and so do I. Don't let anybody tell you what to do with your body,because it's YOURS and also,don't be afraid to get a tattoo because it might hurt a little.Pain is temporary,tatoos are permanent,and they are an expression of who you are on the inside,drawn on the outside.If you have any questions about my navel piercing or tattoo experience,please feel free to e-mail me. -kat


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: unknown
Studio: Body+Art
Location: Main+St%2C+Burlington+Vermont

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