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Choirboy (and Choirgirl) get secret tattoos

my girl had long discussed the idea of getting tattoos but i kept chickening out cos of what my parents would say. Neither us had family or friends who were tattooed and yet both of us could talk about nothing other than getting tattooed. We talked about this to other students at our university and they all thought we were mad apart from one indian girl who was well on her way to full coverage at that time. We kept discussing what to have done and both settled upon something small and discreet just to see whether we both liked the way they looked on us(unknown to me she had other plans, big plans. The big problem now was getting me to actually take her cos i kept getting cold feet and would drive past the shop over and over againwqithout ever going in, probably due to the fear of the unknown as i had led a pretty sheltered life up to this point( i was actually in the school choir only six months before!) One day she had enough of my pussy-footing around and literally dragged me in the shop. The owner got fed up cos i had no idea by this stage what i wanted cos my mind had blanked and i was hving second thoughts. I ended up picking some nasty horrible flash off the wall, you know the typical heart with a name stuff. I had him do it on my right shoulder blade and WOW what pain, unless it's just me but that pain was BAD. Still, it only took about 20minutes and it was over with. It did look ok in the mirror but i guess i was just relieved it was over with. As for my now ex-girlfriend, she had designed this tatt(unknown to me) that was to stem from het left shoulderblade, onto her breast and end in half a sleeve. You could say this surprised me but 4 hours later and the main outlining and shading was done. She had the tattoo completed over the next six months time permitting. It looked superb once it was finished and even her sister said it looked good( her parents and mine still don't know to this day). By the time our uni term had finished she was ready for more ink and i took her again to dave's for the other sleeve to be done with celtic patterns and dragons. This was done over a number of weeks because of the intricate detailing and again it healed well because she was able not to pick at it unlike i would have done! Before we went back to uni she had her backpiece done and by this point she was starting to worry about how much coverage she had on her. Because of the dark shading of the dragon arm, the bio mechanical piece on her back and the dark flowers from her first back/breast arm tatt, whan she looked in a mirror and when i looked at her she did seem pretty well coverd and this is when she realised she had been getting tattooed because she liked them, but not because she had thought out the longevity of being tattooed. Especially being a women where we live it's not too easy walking around in summer without people treating you like some kind of walking freak show!!! The healing wasn't too bad with her but i kept itching my tattoo and was left with a faded tattoo, which would have needed touching up had i not had it covered anyway. The main thing with this story is that now she hates her tattoos(she ended up with a near full backpiece and 2 half sleeves, and i can't get enough but now i think more about what i get and yes i have covered my cheap and nasty first tat up. As for her, she faces a bill for a hell of a lot of laser treatment cos she didn't think about how they would affect her job( she works as a banker) and now she has to wear thick blouses : Order othe boss. So be warned, always think about what and why you're doing and then do it if you're still sure. These days i have both my arms and the whole of my back tattooed as well as a couple of pieces on my chest. I actually plan what i want these days as well as trying to draw a rough image of what i want. This always helps cos otherwise you will end up full of off-the-wall flash and regret it later once tattoos have real meaning instead of fashion statements. I have also had my nipples pierced but that's another story for another page i guess Feel free to send e-mails if you wanna chat about tattoos


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dave+Phillips
Studio: Dragon%27s+Lair
Location: Bridlington+UK

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