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Whats poking out of your pants?

days after I turned 18 I finally got the tattoo I was craving. I went to the artist with the best reputation in my area. I knew a lot of people who have art by Jason on them and it has always looked good, so I decided to trust him. I was really scared. Let me say that again. I was REALLY scared. I must have asked him a gagillion times what it was going to feel like. I had two of my friends there with me. They had been tattooed by Jason previously, and they assured me that I was in fact tough enough and that I would be fine. There was also two other tattoo artist and a piercer there, along with another client and her five year old daughter. This little girl was so cute that I kept forgetting that I was being tattooed. I highly reccomend distractions while being inked. I had already had 6 ear piercings, 1 navel, 1 nipple, and 1 nostril piercing, so they were all confident I could take it okay. The tattoo Jason drew for me was about 7 in. long by 3.5 in. wide. It is of a central dragonfly with vines around its sides. I chose to have it in the center of my lower lower back. So low that I had terrible "plumbers butt" when I took my smoke breaks. The pain wasn't so bad. No tears, no screaming. Still, it did not feel good. I admittedly took a smoke break after the outline and between each of the colors. But I held still and talked to my friends and Jason during the whole thing. It took about and hour and 45 minutes, but I now have a gorgeous tattoo-and everyone asks me what in the hell is sticking out of the top of my jeans. After I was done and tattooed and went home and all...I tried to figure out what I was going to wear to work. I have to wear jeans to work, and most of my jeans would rub the tattoo, which wouldn't have been a problem, except for the ointment all over the place. I decided to cut the wait off one of my pairs of jeans. Not only did they not rub anymore, but they are the most comfortable jeans I own now. They look awesome with the frayed top now, and they display my tattoo very stylishly. I showed my tattoo artist and he thought it was very amusing. If you are considering a lower back tattoo, try it with a pair of jeans (don't start with your favorite pair though). Look for a pair that is kinda tight to begin with, or you wont be able to keep them up once the buttons gone. Just a suggestion. Here are a few questions I can answer from my experience. Q: What does it feel like? A: Well, for me it felt like I was being scraped with really sharp sandpaper- Until my freind reminded me thatI was being repeatedly jabbed with a burning hot needle through something like eight layers of my most tender skin. Then it felt like a burning hot needle. After the first 20 minutes or so you just feel warm and uncomfortable though. The outline is the worst part. Q: How was the healing process? A: It took about a week and a half total. Four hours after I was done being tattooed I took off the bandage and got in the shower. With warmish water I had some dial liquid soap that I washed it VERY gently with. I could definately feel the ridges of the tattoo. When I got out I patted it dry and slathered on some of the Vitamin D ointment I was given at the Tattoo Shop. It should be officially called GOOP though. It got on everything. Everything. My Pyjama pants stuck to me, my jeans stuck to me, my sheets stuck to me, my car seat stuck to me. I chose to be tattooed in an inconspicuous place. That meant that I had a bit of inconvenience during the healing process. After about three days I stopped by The Body Shop again so Jason could check up on me. He said it was coming along great and that I could now start to use a good quality lotion on it. I chose Bath & Body Works Healing Hand Cream with Shea Butter. It is thick and potent so I would only have to apply a little bit, and I wouldn't have to reapply it 20 billion times a day. The grossest part by far was when my tattoo "peeled". All tattoos peel. The word peel may actually mislead people though. Slough would be a better word. The tattoo crusts up a little and then starts forming little rolls of inky skin that stick to your towel after you shower. It sticks to your lotion, your hand, everything. But it finishes up in about a week. One thing that aids healing and keeps your tattoo looking good is lotion. If I could pass along one piece of advice it would either be Lotion Lotion Lotion, or DO NOT ITCH YOUR TATTOO.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jason+%28Bugjuice%29
Studio: The+Body+Shop
Location: Eldersburg%2C+Maryland

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