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its big, black and tribal!

I work in the studio as an apprentice, but my first tattoo was a real buzz - it was like "yeah - I've finally done it!". I'd been apprenticing at a studio in Sheffield called Body Art, but I've moved on to D.B, and i'm loving every minute! I showed them my drawings and my piercings and they were really cool about everything - these are the things we do here, this is what you can do , this is what you shouldn't do. I have to say, from an unbiased point of view, it is the best studio I have ever encountered. I walked in on the first day and Terry said "Pick something out then, and we'll put it you on."- I was like "HUH!" So after much thought, I started looking through the flash. I'd always told myself I wouldn't have any flash - I'd design my own stuff, but I saw my piece and fell in love. In height it's just a bit bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, and about as wide as a sheet of A4 folded in half! I wanted it on the back of my calf, and I'm lucky 'cos it fits beautifully. I fugured if it's free (which it was!) and if I'm going to be a tattooist and body piercer (which I am!) I ought to have something fairly substantial. I'm unsure as to my next one, but I know for a fact there will be a next one!!!! When the actual process began I was very relaxed, and it was only when the needles hit flesh that I began to feel in pain (probaly the most stupid comment I'v ever made in my life there!) I thought it hurt a lot, but yet in a strange way it was bearable - like a piece of loose fingernail being dragged down the skin, or a just-lit match being poked in there. After a while, I was almost enjoying it - the hypnotizing buzz of the machine and the tingling of my calf was almost spiritual in a wierd kind of way. If I was to give any kind of advice, the first would obviously be come to our studio for a tattoo as we are the best (!), but I would say go big. If you know you want a lot of tats it's best to throw yourself in at the deep end - then you really know what to expect in the future! I hope to get many more tattoos, and many more piercings. I currently have: An orbital tragus and anti-tragus, horizontal and vertical nipple, frenum, tongue web, 7mm lobes, low helix and 2.4mm navel. In the future I hope to incorporate at least one piercing into a tattoo - you know like the animals with the septums (which are the guy's nipples!) or something like that!I think I will also stretch more of my piercings up to about 4 or 5 mm. Tattoos I want in the future are still only ideas as yet, but I definately will get sleeves, which end in some way on the tops of my hands, a back piece of some kind, and a tribal piece on my throat. I also want some on my head, as I have a shaven head (which needs brightening up a bit!) The healing was also very good. The method I used is one I know many of my friends have found very effective. It is: Dab a thin layer of Savlon Antiseptic Skin Healing Cream onto the large areas. Rub these parts into the rest of the tattoo to give a very thin layer over the tattoo. If it is a movable area (such as calf, or bicep) then apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the Savlon. This will lubricate the scab and it should not crack as much. If you find it itches, which is almost inevitable, I find either scratching around the area works, or if not - try slapping it! i know this sounds harsh (and painful) but in most circumstances, it will get rid of the itchiness. Also, your tattooist should have told you this stuff anyway, so it's the same old news!) be careful with washing it! Wash it as many times as possible on the day you had it done with warm soapy water. This will help cut the scabbing down tremendously. After that, when a scab does form, do not get it wet at all if you can help it. This will not only hurt, but will cause the scab to weaken and crack, leaving you with a second rate tattoo! If you cannot find Savlon, a better aftercare is Preparation H, which is actually haemmorhoid cream!!!! You will find the tattoo is about as painful as having to go into a chemist's and ask for the stuff, but it's well worth it!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Simon+Caves+and+Terry+Massey
Studio: Devil+Bitch+Tattoos
Location: Rotherham%2C+UK

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