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Custom Tattoo @ 14!

rst off, I know that I'm only 14, and that's a little young to get a tattoo, but I'm happy with it, and I drew it, hence I think it was a good thing to do! I've wanted a tatoo ever since i was like, 10! Problem was, I'd never seen a tattoo that I would want on MY skin forever. I mulled the idea of choosing a flash tattoo over for a few years, and then when I was 13, I decided I wanted to get a dragon, because I collect 'em. I started sketching a rough design, starting with really airy wings, and a wispy general profile. It took me about a month to finally get a product I was happy with. I ended up with a ferocious, elongated yet female looking dragon. I settled on the idea of getting it done in shades of purple and burgandy shading. I was thrilled that I had drawn a pro looking tattoo! I took it to the tattoo parlour the next day, and showed the artist. He said it was one of the best examples of custom work he had seen (this overwhelmed me with a verrrrry proud feeling!). He didn't have to make any changes to it, but told me it would be a good idea to wait a few months, looking at it for a long time each day, to make sure I would still like it over time. At first I didn't like this idea, because I wanted my tattoo NOW!!! But eventually I agreed that doing a time test was a very smart idea, after all, laser removal would be a major drag, and would turn me off tattoos forever. I went home and promptly hung the drawing on my bedroom wall, so I would see it every day. One year later, after having it hanging on my bedroom wall 24/7, I was positive I would love it forever as a tattoo! I called the shop to book an appoinment for the next Saturday, so I would have the weekend to recooperate. I spent the week trying not to talk myself out of getting it, because I knew I would love it once i got it. Finally, Saturday arrived, and I dragged my dad (for parental permission) downtown to the parlour. My dad left soon after, 'cause he's afraid of blood and stuff. I thought that was slightly scary! I had to wait for close to 45 minutes while the artist finished getting the temp ready. By this time I had broken out in a cold sweat and was SERIOUSLY having second thoughts. I knew i couldn't back out, so when Bryan (The artist) called my to the chair, I bucked up and went! I had settled on getting the tattoo on my lower back, with it's wings spreading towards my hip bones. I positioned myself in the chair so I could watch what was happening using a hand mirror. After getting the placement of the temp right, Bryan started the needle up! The sound sent shivers down my spine! He lightly touched it to my skin, and I was suprised by the slight, but not too painful, stinging sensation. 20 minutes later, the lining was done, and we moved onto the coloring and shading. Another 20 minutes later, I had a beautiful, but slightly bloody tattoo!!!! I was thrilled that it turned out so wonderful!!! On an impulse, I decided to get a chinese symbol for "Fire" tattooed next to the dragon's mouth. This only took a few minutes to do. Bryan wanted to take a picture of it for his portfolio, and I agreed, because he did an excellent job of my tattoo! I posed for 3 different angles for the picture. I was so proud that my tattoo, which I had drawn myself, would be in the protfolio binder!!!! As I was waiting to pay for the tattoo, a woman who was waiting to get a tatoo complimented me profusely on my dragon, and when Bryan commented that I had drawn the design, she seemed increadibly shocked! She asked me if I could draw her a butterfly, because she didn't find one that suited her on the flash. I agreed and we sat down to sketch what she told me she wanted. 30 minutes later we had a design she loved! She offered to pay me, but I declined, I was just happy and flattered that she liked what I had drawn for her! After paying for my tattoo, thanking Bryan, and getting bandaged, I called my dad and went home (where I slept for a few hours). It was a great experience, and I recommend tattooing to anybody who reeeeally wants one, but be sure not to get something you wont love in 15 years!!! My tattoo healed great in about 3 weeks, and I've had it now for 5 months! If you have any questions, or comments, feel free to email me! ~Rae


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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