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my first tattoo

veral years now I've been interested in tattoos, and piercings. At one point in time in my life my parents got into a huge divorce that got real ugly. It was so bad that it got dragged out for 4 years. It even got to the point where my father filed chages against me, his own son. Man did that hurt. I turned to my friends for comfort only to find nothing. So for quiet a while I did a lot of hurting. I did a lot of things that I may or may not regret down the road. To help me get through this hard time I wanted to try new changes. I had some ideas in my head of different tattoos or piercings. So i figured I would get something that wasnt to extreme but just enough. So about 7 months ago I got my left ear double pierced. I got a 16 gauge. I was a bit nervous when I got it. But it opened my eyes and showed me that if I were to get a tattoo that it would be more perminate than something that could heal right back up like an ear ring. This brought a lot of thoughts to my attention like "Would i be able to live with this for the rest of my life, if i got it and didnt like it later on in life what would I do about it, ect..." So i continued to play around with my ear rings for a while. To this day they have recently been stretched to a 12 gauge. Not all at once, I took my time in that process of stretching. That wasnt even painful. It was a bit of a relief.
I still had a lot of hurting that I needed to get out. So I did a lot of looking around. A lot of talking to many different tattoo artist. Checking out how clean a place was and just reasureing my self of a clean place where I could get a tattoo. I mean after all this is going to be with me for a while. It wasnt like I was going to be able to hop in the shower and wash it off. But finally I got my tattoo. It was cool. I did a lot of checking around, did my homework, and found something I really related to. One of my hobbies is celtic knots. I love them to death and they have a lot of personal meanings to me. So naturaly I figured hey what better thing to get. So after I found a place I was happy with and the tattoo artist I was happy with I went in and talked to Gary at Advanced Body Art. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy. I viewed his book of tattoo that he had done over the past nine years of his work experience. We talked about what I had been going through and look at some different knots. Than I found the one I liked. So after a few minutes of him prepareing the placement decal and working equipment. We sat down and got ready. With this being my first tattoo I naturally asked "would it hurt." I dont know why it reasured me but he said "its gonna sting a bit but just sit back and enjoy the ride." So I did. About an hour and fifteen minutes later I was done. I got that celtic knot on my upper right shoulder. Its a warm green (my favorite color of course) with black outlineing and shadeing. Its about 4 inches in all directions. It was about $150. I'm not an expert on tattoo. I dont know how to judge prices. But I do know that good tattoos dont come cheap and that cheap tattoo arent good. So either way I'm happy with my decision. Getting the tattoo was nothing. The outlineing stung a little bit. I didnt even feel the shadeing. The coloring when done for a few seconds went numb so that didnt bother me. So far its healed up pretty fast. It hasnt bothered me once. Getting this tattoo to me means that all the heavey shit I've experienced in the past years can be left behind in my tattoo. None of the problems are bugging me. Sure the promblems are still there. I'm not going to deny that they arent. But they are all in a story hidden within my tattoo. I'm the only one who knows the true meaning of it. No matter what I say can never give you the true meaning of my tattoo. I'll have this for the rest of my life. All the good memories and bad ones too. If your going to get a tattoo check out your artist, and the studio. Dont be afriad to ask questions. Hell ask a lot. Prepare yourself in every way possiable. Cause what you get will be with you until the day you pass on. Even then it will still be there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Advanced+Body+Art
Location: Columbus+Ohio

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