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Tattooed while under the influence of Cap'n Crunch cereal

sitting at the table this morning after my run and bike ride; I was eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal when I suddenly thought...HEY!!! Today is a good day to get another tattoo (I currently have 10)! So I saddled up my '65 Mustang and drove 2 hours into Austin, hit a few tattoo studios, and found one I liked. I went into Custom Tattoos from the Soul with 2 design ideas in mind, one a wolf and the other a tiger. I wanted the tattoo either on my (back) shoulders, complimenting the wolf and tiger I already have there (wolf done by Chris at Zebra's in Berkeley, CA, and tiger done by Red Beard at Living Canvas in Hot Springs, Arkansas) or on my forearm. When you enter the shop, right away you notice how painstakingly clean it is. It even smells immaculate. I was greeted immediately by a young woman who turned out to be the piercer; when I explained what I wanted, she referred me to the tattoo artist who was there by himself. John was very patient and friendly as he showed me various flash on the wall, trying to get an idea of the idea I had. I didn't see anything like what I had in mind so he showed me some art books and I was delighted to find EXACTLY what I wanted. He was very jazzed by the design and quoted me a good price. His enthusiasm about the design made me confident that I was about to get one heck of a good tattoo. When your artist is positive about your design, that usually means he's going to put his soul into it and that is precisely what John did. He took a lot of care in preparing the stencil and then applying it. Even though I am an old hand at getting tattoos, he explained everything as though I were a first timer and I appreciated that respect. He noted that they make all their own needles there and everyone gets a fresh one. I saw a well marked "biohazard" sign over a secured and covered container and the autoclave was in plain view. While he was tattooing, he was quiet (which is what I prefer). He had to stop once to redraw a part of the stencil design that had wiped off. He took off his gloves and threw them away, redrew the part, changed the CD, and put on new gloves. Also, while he was tattooing me the phone rang; the piercer answered it, whispered 'he's with a client right now', than hung up and gave John the message. He didn't interrupt my tattoo to answer the phone (I hate when artists take phone calls while they're tattooing me!) and the way the piercer handled the call told me that it was routine that artists not take calls while they're working. BIG plus. The tiger on my forearm came out beautifully. John has a light touch as compared to the artist-who-shall-remain-unnamed who did my horse. That artist slammed in the ink and it swelled up and festered for about two weeks. This tiger hardly even bled and it is healing faster than any other tattoo I have. I plan to go back to John for more work. He told me he has only been tattooing for about a year and a half. His portfolio is not extensive but don't let that scare you off. He's very good and has a bright future. He said he got all his training there at CTftS. Before John I didn't like getting tattooed by anyone with less than 5 years experience at least, but this experience changed my mind. I guess when an artist is talented, it doesn't really matter how long he or she has been tattooing. There was another tattoo artist there whose name I did not catch. He has beautiful bright, bright red (magenta?) hair and two full sleeves (and probably more work, but he was wearing a shirt). He had some drawings on the wall at his station that showed him to be quite a skilled sketch artist. I wouldn't mind seeing his portfolio and probably will ask to the next time I am there. Now, why a tiger? Tigers to me represent feminine energy. Tigers represent the part of the female soul that would kill to protect her children, the part of the female soul that is strong but beautiful even in repose. My tigers look peaceful but the energy in their bodies is apparent just under the surface. Power radiates from within. Yes, the artists did capture this essence on my body; I am lucky to have always chosen them well. In all, I would heartily recommend Custom Tattoos from the Soul (512-476-4003) and John. I am definitely going to be back. Don't forget to tip your artist! Sage


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Tattoos

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Artist: John
Studio: Custom+Tattoos+from+the+Soul
Location: 6th+Street%2C+Austin%2C+Texas

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