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OUGHTS BEHIND THE IDEA: i used to be the one to tell my friend to think carefully about her decision of getting a tattoo. constantly i would say to her "you know it's gunna be permanent right?" i don't remember what it was that made me consider getting one. all i remember were these obsessive thoughts about how i had to definitely get one. in june of 1999 i went to go meet up with my friend that i considered my older brother. he already has had numerous tattoos and piercings so i was pretty confident he'd take me to a clean place. back in the day when tattoo places were illegal, rising dragon was an underground studio. he had been goin there for about 5 years so far and i trusted his judgement so we decided to go. STEPPING IN: A bunch of guys were sitting outside on the steps with their body filled with tattoos and piercings. at first i was a little shocked..then i began talking to one of them for a while. we talked about the pain factor (there really isnt any)..closer examining the tattoos, i saw a poem scrolling around both of his arms. it was actually very symbolic and beautiful. anyways, i walked inside..and began to take a look at the designs even though i was carry the ones i wanted on a piece of paper. there were some interesting ones but i liked the idea of having the tattoo mean something instead of letting it be a spontaneous thing. i talked to the guys who would be doing the actual tattooing and i felt pretty good about it. my brother and i wanted to get the same thing..two chinese letters; one said truth, the other said courage..which is what we always gave each other. It was gunna be his last tattoo. THE PREPARATION: He went first and it took only about 10 minutes or so. Then it was my turn. The only person i felt comfortable with was Josh. He was great..he was a funny guy and knew how to make somebody feel comfortable..i saw all the pictures that he took of his art and i was pretty impressed because he's known for drawing freestyle. He was with a customer so i waited. As i waited, i was talking to the girl he was working on. She also said it didn't hurt at all. GOING THROUGH WITH IT: When it was my turn,Josh told me to lift my shirt up and sit on the chair. I got it done on my lower back..down my spine so i had to sit facing the chair. He put on some music and began to set up. Before he started, i began to get nervous thinkin about the pain. My brother was watching me and laughing because i had this cringing expression..but i took a deep breath and told Josh to begin. As soon as the vibrating needle hit my skin, i relaxed and smiled..it was so painless..kinda like a lil irritation. In fact, it began to feel so good after a while..like a massage but a concentrated one. I added on a red lining around the black letters and it came out so pretty. I was so happy and satisfied about having it. HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Tattoos have a way of giving you a big natural rush. It keeps u happy for the longest time. I got mine done around vacation time..i ame into school on the last day with my new art. The healing process was simple..keep it clean,( u can shower )..lotion..no clingy clothes. I got a lil scared at one point when it was scabbing because it started to bleed. I picked at the scab..and only after i did that,i read on the internet that you're not supposed to in case i get spots on my tattoos ( they never told me that!). Anyways, i feel closer to my brother more than ever. It reminds me that i will always have somebody when im in need or even when i need to know that somebody cares. I don't know if this will be my last one since it was his~ but maybe in the future i'll get a couple more. I don't want one just for the hell of it..i wanted it to mean something like it did with my first experience which was a hell of an experience. EXTRA: make sure you're comfortable with your artist..i swear that's the only way you'll feel good about it. I know because at first, some obnoxious asshole was gunna do it..and i felt unconfident. Then i met Josh and all my confidence came back and i was ready to do it. Although it's not impossible, it's pretty difficult and annoying to change the tattoo..so remember that you can just walk out the door if your not ready or if your having second thoughts or even if you don't like the artists. You wanna be 100% satisfied by the time your done. if your hesitant about gettin a tattoo bc of the "permanent factor", don't worry about it. After you get it, i promise u..there will be a big smile and NO regrets!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: josh
Studio: rising+dragon
Location: nyc+manhatten+west+23rd+st

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