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A Dream Come True

been a fan of tats and piercings for as long as I can remember. Now I grew up in Columbia, SC where it was impossible to get tattooed as it is illegal. You can get pierced but not tattooed. I know it sounds stupid but that is how it is. I moved from Columbia to Atlanta, Ga where I found all sorts of freedoms. Being gay, was not the problem in Columbia. It was being a bodyart lover that was difficult in Columbia. So when I was given the opportunity to move to Atlanta, I jumped at it. I am so glad I did. Atlanta is the cool place of the south. Here it was no big deal to see two men walking down the street. The really great thing is that lots of gay men have tattoos and in the south it is hot most of the time so men walk around in tank tops or shirtless showing off there bodyart. I was in heaven for sure. I would be accepted. I met a great friend at work who had just been tattooed for the first time and loved it. He seemed to be hooked and I felt I found a person who would help me make my dream a reality. We got to talking about tattooing and he told me where he got his done. He and his girlfriend were talking about going back to get another soon if I wanted I could come along. My chance at last. I decided to go for it and 4 weeks later we found ourselves in Helen, Ga and at the Alpine Tattoo studio. The whole time leading up to that point seemed to be in slow motion. I was so excited about getting inked that I had forgotten to think about what I wanted. I finally decided on a black ink ying/yang on my left shoulder/upper arm area. It was now my turn and as Richard (the artist) put the temporary design on my arm he told me to go look in the mirror and see if this is where I wanted it. I almost fainted when I saw that blue image on my arm. I knew then that I would not stop at 1 or 2 tats. I told him that is exactly where I wanted it. I braced myself for some real pain. I was told it would be really painful. He started and I was shocked at how little it hurt. I really think the secret is to be ready for severe pain and it doesn't hurt at all. It took him almost an hour. When he was done I could not wait to walk around town with my shirt sleeve pushed up so "air could get to it". That was my excuse but I knew I just wanted to strut around with my new bodyart. I can't describe the feeling. Like an orgasm but all over. My friends girlfriend went next and then it was his turn. He had an original design and I am telling you it looked so great on his right arm. He is more into the celtic style as am I. I found out, though, that the pain happens after. I am not really tolerant of pain. It wasn't extremely painful but it was a nagging soreness kinda like sunburn. I didn't care though. I had my prize and I was determined to get another soon. I have since gotten a second tattoo on my right shoulder, a celtic sun with the chinese symbol for rabbit in the center, this is for the year I was born. I had this done at Sacred Heart Tattoo by Lou. This is my favorite of the two tattooes. The ying/yang seemed blah now. I have to do something about it. I'm going to turn the ying/yang into something like a turtle or a crab. I feel it needs more to it and since I already have a sun I don't want another. I also have designed armbands for each arm and decided on the back piece I am getting. I guess I will have Lou do the work as he is much closer and he did the better of the tats I have now. I guess piercing is my next frontier to start on. I have been wanting my nipples done for so long. I guess that will be another story. I started all this when I was 35. I am now 36 and getting ready for my first armband. Go for it if you like it. Your body is your own and you should decorate it as you like. Thanks for sharing in my experience. I will let you know when the next ones come about. Bobby PS - I would love to hear from others about their experiences. If you would like to write please do so. The second thing I love best is talking about it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Richard
Studio: Alpine+Tattoo
Location: Helen%2C+Georgia

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