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What the hell? You mean that was IT?!?!

p> I know you all are thinking this is gonna be another "fresh 18 year old got her butterfly on her ankle, la la la". Not to dog those who DO have the bitterflies, but anyway... I've wanted a tat ever since I found out they could be done in the first place. Problem was 1) I wasn't old enough, and there was NO WAY my parents would sign a waiver and 2) I am a COMPLETE wuss. I mean it. I run away in terror at the thought of a shot. (Kinda makes you wonder why I'm a nursing student in the Army, huh?) There was also the question of what I was going to get. Being a Christian, I wanted a symbol of my faith, but not a cross, because, for some reason, I felt they were waaaaay to overdone. So after poring over some books about the saints, I came across St. Patrick, who had used a shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity to his young students. I immediatly thought "This is perfect. This is what I want." Next step was finding a good place to go. I was surfing the net, lloking for places around Fort Worth, and came upon the Skin Art Gallery (The have 3 studios: Dallas, Addison, and Arlington). I had such a great feeling about their work and just the general aura of the place that I e-mailed the owner, Jenny, with some questions of mine. She was very nice, and helped me out a lot. A few weeks later, I called the Arlington studio and made an appointment with the person later known as Jakey-the-tattoo-guy. The next saturday morning (my appointment was at 3), I was very surprised to find that I wasn't nervous at all. I know this sounds weird, but I felt like I was going to church or something, instead of the....gasp.....TATTOO PARLOR (ominous music interjected here). I had my design (the shamrock), and everything all planned out. I decided to get it placed in the middle of my lower back (even though SOME people told me it would hurt like a bitch, and to just get it on my shoulder or something). Me and my friends get there,they came along to watch, but were too scared to get their own done, and me and Jakey-the-tattoo-guy get down o business of what where, and how much. I told him I had been toying with the idea of adding a cross (i know, I know, I just said they were too overdone. Sue me.) to my design, but didn't know how to do it so it wouldn't look weird. Jake took my design, went to the rear of the studio, and came back with the perfect design. You know that weird thing that happens when you see the exact thing you'd been wanting all along, but just didn't know it? That was how it was. He had placed the shamrock in front of the cross, and made the cross all fuzzy and 3D looking.. Very Cool. Very Cool indeed. Before we started I had to pay (80 bucks. Ouch. But you get what you pay for, right?) I sat in the chair, and leaned over, with my arms on my knees (I had my feet up in another chair), and was STILL not nervous. I don't know why. In some way, I was MEANT to have this tattoo. But I digress... I heard the buzz of the tattoo gun (damn, that thing is annoying) and kept waiting for it to hurt....but it never did. I was talking to my friend Jaq, and she kept staring at me like I was a freak, because I wasn't wincing or anything. Finally, a little sting as he got lower down on my back. But it was just like someone had snapped my with a rubber-band...hard. And that was for the OUTLINE! (Which does, I guess, hurt more than the rest...but even then it wasn't bad at all.) He started filling in the shamrock, and I never felt a thing. I even asked him if he was going to start soon, because I had to sneeze, and he was just "What? You want me to START? I'm almost DONE!" Sweet. After a few touch ups (which hurt a little more than the rest, since by this time, I had been under the gun for almost half-an-hour, and the skin was kind of tender),I could finally look at my new back. Beautiful I absolutley loved it. I showed the friends I had brought with me, and they thought so too (so I know it's not just me :). I was bandaged up, given lots of little packets of bacitracin, and I was on my way. I had to stop at an ATM to get some money to tip him, since I had paid with my credit card (he was hot, so he got the full 20 dollars. woah.). I drove the 45 minute drive back home (I'm at college,and EVERYONE knew I was getting one, and they all wanted to see it, but NO PEEKING until the morning, peolpe!), and it was just as if I had never even gotten the tat. I woke up this morning, cleaned it and everything, put the bicitracin on, and everything is fine. No itching (yet), no bleeding, and NO pain. I've heard it described as a sunburn-y feeling, but not yet, anyway. You really can't feel anything. I'll drop you a line whenever I tell my parents about it. I don't know how they are gonna take it, but hey, I'm 18, and mature enough to make my own decisions, right? So If anyone out there has any qualms about getting a tattoo, PLEASE be encouraged by this experience, because there is really nothing to it! To quote my title (which is what I said when Jake had finished): What the hell? You mean THAT was IT?!?!?! Thanks for reading! Any questions, feel free to email me! Steph


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jake
Studio: Skin+Art+Gallery
Location: Arlington%2C+TX

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