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I actually did it...

e wanted a tattoo since i was 14. i'm now seventeen. my mom always said no when i asked but that didnt matter...i still asked everyday. for my sixteenth birthday i wanted a tattoo. She still said no, but for my sevententh birthday she said i could get it done. i didnt want to go by myself so my friends and i all went together (my mom came too) I decided to go with El toro's because everyone i knew had had theirs done there and carol had been doing them for 18 years. They had a very good reputation and did really great work. i called a week ahead of time ot make the appointments. THE ACTUAL DAY: We left my house early so we would have time to get over to canada(i live in NY) Also, my friends had to pick what they wanted, i already had what i wanted to get, a butterfly that i had drawen. when we got there carol was working on a guys tattoo and i got so scared because the noise the tattoo gun was making. I almost chickened out but i knew i couldnt because i was there and i had to get it done. The studio was very clean and all the needles and ink were sterile, still in their packages.We decided that i would go first so i could get it done and over with. She took my design traced it with carbon paper so it was on the back of the design. She asked where i wanted it done and i decided i wanted it on my upper back between my shoulder blades. IN THE ROOM: We went in the room and I asked her how much it was going to hurt and she said that the place i had picked for it was going to hurt alot because it is just skin and bone there. i guess the places where it doesnt hurt as bad is where there is muscle. She started putting he outline on my back...I thought it was kinda weird the way she did it because first she sprayed alcohol on my back and dryed it then she put deodorant on my back and stuck the design on it, she had do it twice because the first time i moved and it wasn't straight. I was shaking like a leaf because i was so scared. She pulled the paper off and the outline was on there. she asked if thats where i wanted it and i said yes. She had me sit in a chair it kinda reminded me of the dentists' office. she got all her guns ready and the ink and gave me a little ball to squeeze if it hurt. i wasn't expecting to feel the way it felt when she started. It felt like a million bees were stinging my back. The outline didnt hurt as much, my mom sat in the room with me but Denise and Jen kept leaving. i think it was because of the look on my face. she only stopped a couple times to change guns and when she got to the coloring. it hurt like hell and i kept sitting there thinking WHY AM I DOING THIS??? my mom and carol tried talking about things to get my mind off the pain but it wasnt working too much. i couldnt even talk because if i did i knew i would start crying my eyes out. i ended up digging a hole in the ball she gave me to squeeze. then all of a sudden she told me she was done. she gave me a mirror to look at it with and it was beautiful. (its not your normal looking butterfly, it has a lot of lines in it) the colors (purple and blue) were perfect together. i loved it! she was telling me the after care and taping the bandage on it and i almost passed out but my body has that type of reactions to things like that. Denise and Jen got theirs after me and they both got a sun(different designs) then we paid and the prices werent bad at all, mine was only $60 canadian and that is the only thing in my life i could spend 60 dollars on and have it the rest of my life. 3 WEEKS LATER: i've had my tattoo for a little over three weeks now and i love it, it didnt hurt too much afterwards but i did have to wear tanktops for a couple days, and keep it very clean, i had to wash it about 4 times a day and put triple antibiotict ointment on it to keep it most and so it wouldnt get infected. Infact i am going to get another one next saturday. My mom thinks i'm crazy but as people told me they are addicting. This time i plan on getting my initials in chinese, where i have no idea but i'm sure i'll find a place. If anyone has any questions then feel free to email me and i can most likely answer them if i havent in here.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Carol
Location: Cornwall%2C+in+canada

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