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Tongue and Tattoo

he longest time i have wanted a tattoo but I couldnt decide on what to get. I knew I wanted some form of christian work but what and where was the problem that arose. I seached through many online galleries and many tattoo shops. I decided on a cross but as for what style I wasn't quite sure yet. While checking out a christian symbols web site I found a couple of different symbols that I liked but finally decided on the Alpha and the Omega drawn one on top of the other. While I was at work one day me and the guy I work with came up with a solution. He reminded me of a symbol for the trinity which was three circles connected together and then we came up with a design for the cross. The hardest part was trying to find a design for the thorns. I got an idea from the crown of thorns in the movie "Stigmata." The way there is more than one vine and they intertwine it what caught my eye. I knew now what i wanted but where to go i had no clue. I live in central florida and didnt want to drive along way. I looked around and checked out what people were saying about the local tattoo place. I had a friend take the drawing in and ask what they would charge. Then I called about five other places and fax them a picture and ask what they would do it for. One place tried to rip me off they said about a hundred dollars more than everyone. I observed some risky safety behavior going on and decided not to go with them. I went with Lou's National Tattoos in Lakeland, Florida. I know about 5 people that have got tattoos from a guy named Eric. None of them had any complaints. They said nothing but praises. Two of them had old tattoos and they still looked awsome. So when you decide to get it a Tattoo there are somethings to think about - know what you are going to get done (dont let the tattoo artist pick something you are going to have on your body for a long time) - Do some price checking (your arent going to buy a car with out looking aroung first) - check out what the artist has done in the past maybe even talk to people that have gotten stuff done by them before - Ask about their safety pocedures (do they used gloves and what about needles other safety precausions) Finally I went to get it done. It is an anklet with the three christan symbols connected by a ring of thorns. It is pretty big for a first time tattoo but i really wanted it(2' big and all the way around) . I was scared to go get it and had the butterflies but once it got started and i realized that i had worked myself up for more pain so I was okay. The only problem with getting an anklet is the having to keep turning over to get the under part of you ankle. IT DIDNT HURT. If you are trying to decide whether to get one go ahead. For anyone with one though I would suggest A&D ointment. Some people say that it smells like ass. If you get the one in the blue tube it does the same thing and smells like baby powder. A&D is the greatest because it helps to get rid of burning, itching and dryness. I never had any problems with fading or bleeding. I just got my tongue stretched to a ten gauge as well. The first time i got it done it was done with a 14 gauge. It didnt hurt getting it done. Within a week everything was back to normal like my speech and eating. I have a few suggestions if you are thinking about it. - Be prepared to talk funny for a couple days. If you are afraid of telling your parents you might want to spend a couple days away from home. - When going to get it done I suggest eating a big meal. This is because your tongue is going to be sore and it is hard to adjust to swollowing. This also helps settle you stomach or at least it did for me. - ICE is a life saver go get a BIG GULP full of ice and just eat ice. This helps swelling. - Although for the next couple of days you have to rinse about 3 times more than you would normally use mouth wash(listerine). My best friend got hers done and didnt rinse after eating hers got so nasty infected. I realize ten gauge isnt that big but i went from 14 gauge and plan on going bigger. Maybe a 8 or 6 gauge.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Eric
Studio: Lou%27s+National+Tattoos
Location: Lakeland%2C+Florida

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