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My first tattoo(s)

is a long one, so bare with me) I've wanted the tattoos I got for a couple of years now, Always think over what you get, you'll have these for the rest of your life. Choose your tattooist 'very' carefully. Some may not be clean about their work, make sure you pay careful attention to what they do and how they do it. Try to find out as much information on the tattooist and the tattoo place from which you're getting your tattoo. Ask your friends, family members, and other people who you trust to inform you on their experinces with tattoos and tattooists. They may be able to help you in your choices about the tattoo and what you'd want in a tattoo. My friend, Angie, help me a little bit in my choice of where to get my tattoo. (I had also gotten my tongue pierced there, so I got my tattoo information while I was there, planning ahead, really good idea). Nancy does great work, I'm glad I took the time to really look into the tattooist. hoping I didn't bore anyone, and I really hope you enjoy my experince in getting my tattoos below I did my planning about a month in advance of getting my tattoos. Yes, I said 'tattoos', I got both of my tattoos done on the same day. Unless you don't mind the pain (which I don't) you might not want to get them done at the same time. The day started out great, I was so excited about getting them, I was really nervous too. I took one of my closest friends with me, If you're getting your first tattoo, I say take a friend..If not to hold your hand or whatnot..just to pass the time by while you get it/them. When I got there, Nancy was working on a guy's arm. She invited me to sit and watch, so, I did. She had the light shining on his arm, and she was wearing glasses to get the fine print. He was reading a magazine and acting like it was nothing at all. I asked him if it hurt, he said just a little, but not much to worry about (he already had one on his other arm). When she got finished with him, she took the tattoo gun apart and put it in a cleaner machine (which cleaned the gun in all of the hard to reach places with hot water). She did this in front of me, so I felt good about getting my tattoo from her. When it was time for me to get my tattoo, she took the design I wanted and put it into this machine which took the design and put it on another piece of paper with purpleish ink on it. this may sound weird to some She then put deodorant on my back, put the design on my back, pressed firmly on it and then lifted it off slowly. I sat on the chair (up right), she put the tattoo gun back together carefully...then started with the tattoo. It kinda hurt a little at first..tickled more than hurt..when she finished the outline of my tattoo, she let me have a break to get up and walk around and whatnot..then I sat back down and she got to work again. The coloring in of the tattoo was like nothing at all...it kinda felt like someone was scratching my back or something. After she finished with it, she put a bandage on it with some ointment. I got another break. Then we started on my second tattoo. She did the same thing with the deodorant and stuff. The one on my back was nothing compared to the one on my tummy. That hurt way more..but even me, being the winer I am, I got through it. I've had my tattoos for almost two weeks. My tattoo experience was so great, I so can't wait to get more. If you're wanting a tattoo and really have invested your time into it, then you should get one done. Everyone loves my tattoo, I'm just glad they're mine and not anyone elses. Mine are one of a kind personally made for me. If you want a tattoo that you don't want anyone else to get made, just let the tattooist know and he/she should keep it from being recreated on to someone else. Warning, they are very adictive lol, one just isn't enough for you. You'll want more, trust me. Really, the only bad part about getting one is the itching a couple days after you get them. Be sure to only put the ointment on them the first week you have them, the next few weeks you'll probably want to put some type of lotion on them so they won't get too dry, if they get dry, they get very itchy. If you take care of your tattoo, It'll last you a life time. If you live in TN, close to Cookeville, check out the site URL below, that's where I got my tattoos http://www.usit.com/seminole/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Nancy
Studio: Personal+Expressions
Location: Cookeville%2C+TN

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