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I sweated my ASS off !!!

I was about twelve I have wanted tattoos , but I have always been afraid of the "Pain" factor. I waited until I was 31 to get my first Tattoo and I was so psyched out about how much it was going to hurt that I was sweating so bad the tat artist thought I was going to pass out. He kept asking if I was alright and if I wanted to stop and take a break. I thought " If you stop I won't get it finished" so I kept saying "NO". It took about an hour and 40 minutes to take my tattoo virginity and when he was done I thought " I can't wait to get another one" !!!! It only took me 5 months to get the next one and I loved the whole experience. I now am so into the sensation of being under the gun I am trying to get an apprenticeship to learn how to Tattoo so I can share it with everyone that I may someday have the honor to draw upon and leave my mark on the world!!!! I think any one out there who is considering getting ink done should just " DO IT ". The sting of the tattoo needle is only a minor discomfort compared to the piece of art that you will have to enjoy for the rest of your life. Depending on your PAIN THRESHOLD the actual feeling is something like a mild stinging sensation and after a while you will probably even get used to it. In my personal experience the outline is worse than the shading. I tend to numb out after about 5 minutes into the shading process, but , depending on where you are getting your tat done depends on how sensitive the area is to the needles. My first Tatto is a 14 point Buck with a pine branch and a pine cone across the front of the deer. It is on my right bi-cep and is from my elbow to the bottom of the ball of my shoulder.(A pretty decent sized Tat for my first one). My second Tat is a spotted fawn laying in a bed of flowers and greens and is on my left bi-cep and is almost as big as the 14 point buck. I am looking forward with anticipation to getting more as soon as funds allow it. I got lots of skin left and want to cover alot of it too!!

I actually found a meticulously clean shop and spent about 3 hours going through the flash catalogs and photographs of the artists former work until I literally stumbled on the picture of this deer picture and knew right away that that was the one I wanted first!! I actually waited about3 years before I worked up the nerve to go for it. I thoroughly investigated the shop by talking to other people that had gone there for tats and even hanging out in the shop and watching how the artists worked and cleaned up and prepared for the next person. They were all very aware of their cleaning and sterilization processes and would not even let you sit down until they were sure everything was cleaned properly and that all new unopened ,sterile needles and tubes were laid out. They open the sterile unopened packages in front of you and set up their machines in plain view (not hiding anything)and they are very willing to answer all your questions before they start and even as they work. As is the policy in all of the big professional tat shops that I have visited over the last 15 years, They will not work on you if you are drunk , high , dirty , smelly , under age or broke !!!! When you go to get ink don't just settle for something just because you can only afford to get "That one", because you will probably regret not waiting san saving a little longer to get that really great piece of art that you really want. Like I said I waited 3 years because I wanted something that was a bit more than I had saved for and I don't regret my ink one little bit. I even get comments from people in church.They all say that they don't normally like tattoos but that mine are the most beautiful ones thay have ever seen and that they didn't know they did art work like that. Alot of people think that only sailors and bikers and prisoners do the tattoo thing and usually get naked ladies ,hearts with MOM in the banners , devils and demons , and Harley Davidson and gang tats. I think that todays store front shops with normal everyday people from the girl that works in the convenience store around the corner to the yuppie in the suit and tie going in to get some ink done has really brought the tattoo industry out of the alleys and back room type of Taboo place and put it in a whole new realm on the publics eyes.As long as th shops stay clean and do it in plain view , the whole attitude about tattoos will be totally turned around and be considered a gallery of Living Art and not just somewhere to be a social deviant as I have heard some describe those of us who have chosen to be marked with art!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dave+Fox
Studio: Studio+One+Dermagraphics
Location: Norwood+%2C+Pennsylvania

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