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Wife's new tattoo

fe and I got married over 2 years ago and our marriage has revolved around tattoos since we met. We both had tattoos before we even knew each other, i had a half chest piece and some leg work and she already had 5 nice sized tattoos, forearm, hip, chest and upper arm. The first thing that made me notice her and want to talk to her was the colorful dolphin tattoo on her forearm. When i first said hello everything clicked and we fell in love. Since the wedding we had added only a few pieces to our tattoo collections. I had added a half sleeve right after we got married, she had added a floral piece on the other side of her chest, but that was all. One night my wife mentioned that she had been pondering the idea of a tattoo on her neck. I told her, we have enough trouble hiding the tattoos we have now when we go out on formal occasions, but she assured me that she could always cover it with her hair if need be, so i went along and supported her decision. The day of the appointment I was more nervous than my wife, she just takes these kind of things better. She went to her sisters friend who did the tattoos on her forearm, hip and the one on her chest. She is a really talanted artist and a wonderful lady as well. My wife explained that she wanted an angel on the back and left side of her neck. After looking through designs and books she decided on one that would look great. So after deciding on the placement she started the tattooing process. My wife takes the pain really well, better than me by far. She just sits there like nothing is happening. After the outline we all took a cigarette break and went to get something to eat. At the resturant three people commented on the fresh looking tattoo, wow thats big, and did you just get that?, did it hurt?. The normal tattoo questions. She had to keep her hair up so it wouldnt get in the way of the fresh tattoo, so it was clearly visible. After she had two more cigarettes we went back in for more ink. She finally commented on the pain and said, its really starting to sting again. After about two hours of tattooing and the annoying sound of the tattoo machine, the work was finally done. We sat and talked to the artist Jill for a while about her work and her family, and she explained the care procedure again in case we forgot. Then we finally headed home after a long afternoon. When we got home my wife couldnt stop trying to see her new tattoo in the mirror, she absouluty loves it even though she cant hardly see it even with a mirror. We went to show her family the new tat the next day. Her mom couldnt belive that her little girl would get such a large and dareing tattoo, but she still liked it. Her sister who is also a huge tattoo fan loved it and wants one like it for herself. Most places we go my wife covers it but sometimes she puts her hair up and she gets tons of comments on it, some positive some negative. Most people cant belive how big it is, it goes from behind her left ear all across the back of her neck. I was concerned about her getting such a large and visible tattoo but now I love it. Some people give us dirty looks and think were trashy when were not, we live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. My wife works as a nurse at a doctors clinic and she has to hide her tattoos all day long but most of her co-workers know about her obsession with ink. She's even got some of her fellow nurses interested in the world of body art and they have got pieces of their own. In addition to our total of 12 tattoos we are also into body piercing, we both have our nipples done, so we are in to all kinds of body art Tattoos are what sparked our relationship and there what keep it going strong. Having that connection with the person you love is a special thing that i think everyone should experience. Tattoos are not for everyone but for some people like my wife and myself there a very special thing, and this latest tattoo has made that connection even stronger. I hope that continues with every tattoo that we get. We hope to have many more experiences to share with you in the future as we add more ink to our skin


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jill
Studio: n%2Fa
Location: florida

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