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Peirced and tattooed

p with a church bus driver that wore a simple cross on a ring in his ear, going to church camp. He also has the tips of two wings at the base of his neck. I asked him if I could see the rest of it. Turned out to be The Angel of Guadalupe. A full back peice, from his neck down to below his belt line. I was fascinated! I was 16 at the time. Decided to get a peircing as soon as I could. Had to wait until the day I got out of the USAF (1972). A freind used a darning needle and a whiskey cork to do it. Since then, I've had seven more ear peircings, and both nipples. Went to a local Xmas Bazaar and met an artist there that had a Dragon design that I really liked. Bought a print of it and kept it on my wall. Always wondering if I would find an artist that could put it on me. Finally after about seven years, met Don and liked his work. We had a small misunderstanding. I thought he had been practicing for three years. As it turned out, he'd only been working for three months! Doesn't matter, He did a fantastic job and I'm happy with the work. I am still trying to find him. But no one seems to know where he's gone. Being new to the business, he wasn't very good with "waves". Have seen some of his later work, and he's got 'em down now. Have had many compliments on it. Some one in a convience store even mentioned that he'd seen it in on of the tat mags. Had to order 6 issues just to show them off to my daughter, son-in-law and ex wife, who are all tattooed. Although my ex passed away two years ago. Have gone from 20+ years of retail to being a Massage Therapist. Was recently in Colorado Springs to visit my daughter and added my logo to my upper right shoulder (outer arm side). Have plans for three more. Designs are ready. Just finding the time! The thing I have found out about tats, is you don't have to be drunk. It's better not to be. The experience is a high in itself! Can't wait to get my next one! After all the years of wanting the peircings and tattoos, I'm finally glad to enjoy the ones I have. The experiences were not painful. Even though my dragon took eight hours, and three sessions. My logo took 45 minutes. With my daughter looking on. Even though she said she wasn't going to watch. She's never watched her husband getting his! It was a real experience getting the first, my dragon. I had no idea what it would feel like, or what I would feel like afterward. We took a couple of breaks, which took some of the tension away. And gave both of us a rest. The first session was four hours. The second three and the finish out was one. We had to put in the white and the yellow. My dragon goes from my right nipple up to my clavicle. By the end of the first session, I could tell exactly what part of the dragon he was working on. Not because of pain, just the feel of where he was working. Even though he's called Digger Don, and he does go deep, I never had any qualms about his work. I was in a comforable atmosphere, with people I trusted. It was worth all the time and money. It healed quickly and after seven years has lost little color. Although the white and red finally reached a point that they needd to be touched up. If I can't find Don I'll probably have Donna do it the next time I'm in Colorado Springs. If anyone out there know's of Digger Don Carter's where abouts, get in touch with me. Or, Don, if you see this e-mail me. Or Feather in San Marcos! Her work is fantastic! Got both of my nipple piercings at "Mary's" in Houston. The first was a Fourth of July present from my lover. The second was Xmas present from him also. Am thinking about a Prince Albert, but have not decided. The First time, I almost passed out. the Second was a breeze. No problems healing, if you ignore the fact that left one got pulled out accidentally! It hurt, but healed quickly. As I said, I've got seven ear piercings. Will probably add more as time goes by. I figure I'm 50 years old, I have still got time to play around. Plan on having my tats (skin) removed after I am gone. Somebody out there will want them (?). A lot of interest has been shown in old fart's tats, so why not mine. Smitty


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Digger+Don+and+Donna
Studio: Singapore+Johns+and+can%27t+find+the+other+card
Location: Austin%2C+TX+and+Colorado+Springs

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