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First Tattoo but not the LAST

will not try to bore you all too much, I am a 20 year old male from Northern Ontario who has been kicking the idea around weather or not I was going to get a Tattoo for the past two years. My parents have always thought that this was just stupid and disgusting but what are they going to do Ground me? Well after three months looking at magazines, books and the internet, mainly BME, you guys have one of the most amazing sites I have seen. I finally decided on a design style I liked, the next thing was to go and finish the design so it would be mine and mine alone. After a few changes I decided to get it inked. Once that was done I went and checked out a few different parlours in my area. I finally decided to get it done at Modern Art, If you are ever in this area check him out. His name is Cory he is really great when I finaly decided to get it done he asked me if it was my first tattoo, I said yes. so he showed me how he was going to place the tattoo on my arm and how he was going to do the tattoo, then he asked me if he might be able to make a few suggestions to make my Tattoo even more original, I asked how and he went and added some mor colour and flared one part so it gradually went from black to red in the center of my tattoo, I thought it was absolutly amazing and I said "I fuckin love it, Do it!!" and then showed me that everything he used was sterille, he is absolutly clean and so is his shop when you walk in all you can smell is Javex and that Green Soap. Well It finally came time for him to start and when he did he gave me an idea what it was going to feel like. I was suprised it didnt hurt that much, not like what lots of people told me it would feel like. To me it felt like a Bee sting. Around Two hours later I was the extremly proud owner of my own custom Tribal arm band. It ended up costing me $150.00 Can. and it sure as hell is worth every penny. I am still in the process of desiging my next one. I will definatly be going back to Modern Art. After he told me to get some Neosporin to put on it and went over the healing process with me. It was really a great expereince I will definatly recomend it to anyone who is seriously thinking about it. Do's and Dont's Use Polysporin or Neosporin on your tattoo DONT PICK AT IT!!! Keep it covered from the sun for the first three months so the colours dont fade. Dont go to an "artist" because they are cheap, go to the artist that has been doing it for a many years and has good references. If the artist is cheap it should give you some idea about what their work will be like. Spent the little extra and see someone who is good. Dont jump into getting a tattoo, you might end up regreting it terribly take your time and look at different designs and then decide which on you like and then look around at the different artists in your area and ask lots of questions like: Do you have an Autoclave Do you use one time needles(If not make damn sure that they have the Autoclave) What do you Wash you store down with? Are they licenced with the board of health if no get OUT RIGHT AWAY Ask how long they have been Tattooing and do they have any pictures of there work What type of guarentee do they have if any and if so is it for life(If the artist is worth is salt he/she offers a liftime guarentee and free touch-ups And last but definatly not least ask around about the artists work, if he is good you will swear he is a saint if not poeple will call them everything including the devil. If your friend got their tattoo from that person ask them what they were like, and if your friends are good friends they will tell you the truth about their experiences. Well I hope you have not become to bored with my rambeling, I will hopefully post my pictures when I get my scanner up and running. If you are debating about getting a tattoo then hopefully this will help you in your decision. Tattoos are not meant for everyone, because not everyone handels pain well, but as far as I'm concerned pain is a sensation and sensations are meant to be enjoyed


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Cory
Studio: Modern+Art
Location: Sudbury%2C+Ontario

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