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My Tattoos

ince I was 15 or 16 I had wanted a tattoo, this was really unusal in my family cos even ear piercing (which I had by then was frowned upon). Ever since that point I knew what design I had wanted as well, a small Ying/Yang symbol on the top of my left arm. Well in the UK you have to be 18 before you can be tattoed and I was always a good girl so I waited and a week after my 18th birthday I booked the appointment. Some friends came with me, because they wanted some pieces too. It was really intimedating going into the studio, fully in the knowledge that this wasn't some biro scribble that you could wash of later if you got sick of it or if you made a mistake. THis was forever and that is really hard to imagine when you are 18. However on the other hand I knew instincivly that thjis was the right thing for me to be doing. Yeah I was also terrified of the reaction of my family, all I heard about women with tattoo was from my dad and well his opinion wasn't high (it has since changed because I also love to read books and magazines about tattoo's and he can now at least start to appreciate their beauty. I'm still waiting for the right moment to show him mine though- can't figure why because he is'nt bothered about my piercings). So there I was in the studio with my two friend (who were a couple at the time, she wanted a rose, he wanted her name, we tried to tell him it was a stupid idea, but you know how love is and he didn't listen- last year he had a cover-up job done on it, it now says Movies, his real true love. I nearly changed my mind- not about the process even though I was getting butterflies in my stomach, but about the design, because there was some gorgeous bits of celtic flash on the walls, and I do have celtic blood in me, but still I knew deep down what I wanted. I remebered reading and interview with Henry Rollins (who inspired my second tattoo) where someone had asked him if he had ever regreted any of his tattoos to which he replyed no because he had thought carefully about all of them. Anyway the time came for our appointments and the tattoist asked which of us would like to go first- I stepped up,my heart was pounding and my hands were sweating, but the studio was clean and that put me at ease. The artist drew the design onto me and checked with em that it was what I had wanted. It was. Now it was time for the tattooing to start. I braced myself for the pain, but it never came, instead I had a tingling sensation due the needles. So I watched as the design took on first of all an outline and then got blocked in with colour and suddenly it was there- I had it my first tattoo. After going through how to care for, I went out to meet my nervous friends who were keen to know if it hurt as I sat waiting through their appointments all I could feel was an adreline rush, a sense of pride. It felt like for the first time my body was mine. I have to explain the significance of the tattoo to me. At the time I was chronically involved in cutting myself, the scars still remain today, the tattoo which I am still really proud of maked the begining of my recovery (not that there is anything wrong with scarification, but my reasons for the cutting were too much to do with illness). Everyone had told me how much the process would hurt, but to my surprise all I could feel were vibrations. But the biggest surprise was the people at school- I was a good girl, a swot, university bound doing my A-Levels, and I had a tattoo, this being just before the major explosion where tattoos were 'normal', atleast where I lived. It was actually an unexpected reaction and it gave me quite a rush, but lets face quite an unimportant one. Well it's four years on now and I still love my tattoo- so much I've added one more, and got a few piercings, ears, labret, nose and of course I've got more tattoos planned as well. I want to get a bar code with my date of birth underneath and for my 25th birthday I am planning to get a half sleave design done depicting important events from the first quarter century of my life, and there will definatly be a picture or two to symbolise this first tattoo and the begining of my passion for body art.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Geordie+Scott
Studio: Electric+Tattooland
Location: Blyth%2C+Northumberland%2C+UK

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