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Product of The times

I read alot of these post (every single one), and lots of people say how they got into tattoo's really young, and wanting them and wanting. I fall into this catagory, ever since I was in about the fifth grade, i have drawn on my arm almost everyday. I was always told i would get ink poisoning, but it hasn't happened yet. Art in general has always been a passion of mine, i have gone through the water color, the acrylic, the oil and pencil drawings, but know i am mostly interested in strictly portraits in pencil, and new skool vibrant colored flash. I am now 16 years old. Like i said i have always been into tattoo's, i used to go around town and check them out all of the time, i was about 12 when i did this. I was around 14/15 when i saw the movie 187, and i loved the idea of a barcode tattoo. This simbolized everything i thought that was wrong with today's society. It seems to me no matter what you are something, being a freak, a jock, or whatever else there is. I don;t think we should be looked at like "merchandise, this is what led me to get my barcode tattoo and mach society's fucked up view on life. Well i decided to get it on my ankle, becasue it was my first. The numbers under the barcode, is my birth day, and age i got it at 1 /04091983/ 6. I wanted this done on the day of my 16th birthday, so i made my appointment about 3 weeks early. The day came and i wasn't that nervouse, i ahve been reading tattoo mags all my life and everything went as i thought. Mike who did my tattoo was nice but not very talkative, i would have know his name unless my friend told me. It burned when i got it,but didn't hurt, part of the reason i dont think it herts is because the person doesn't really know whats going on. Its like when you slah yourself open, the pain insn't that bad till you see what you actually done. My tattoo healed fine and most people like it. Many people don't understand why i got it, and even after i explain it, this shows how fucked society really is. I personally don't think that tattoo's should be judged on any level besides the talent it took to do them. Since i got my tattoo i realized people get tattoo's for millions of different reasons. Some people loose a loved one, some people get one becasue it remindas the of something good. IN my next tattoo im getting the say "Lifes A Gamble", i truly beleive this and it rally makes me think about what matter in life whn i look at it. I also think its a good idea for you to picture youself when you are 80 with the tattoo, and if you can't, its fun to be reckless sometimes and get what you want on the spur of the moment. I tend to wait 5 or so months before i get the piece and when i soncieved the idea. P.S. I am getting another tattoo on the first day of 2000 (i like days that mean something to me), it is a horse shoe with dice in the middle, they are gold plated and the horse shoe has the saying "lifes a gamble", im getting the horse shoe becasue my grandpa gave me a horse shoe ring and i lost it, and it rally meant alot. There are going to be flames behind it , but the falmes are going to have an outer space scene in them, space has always boggled me. If anybody has cool flash or really go portraits i would love to see them, i would also like to see and tattoo's that you have. I feels tattooing is the stringest art form in the world nobody else can ever argue with that. One thing i don;t understand is when people say tattoos are forever, becasue they are, we are not forever, therefore the tat sure the hells isn't. If you are thinking of a tattoo and rally have an idea you like, go for it, sit back and look at what can happen. YOu amy not like it, and so what if you don't, life still goes on. Remember that tatoo's canmake your life interesting again, i cannot wait to get my new one done, it is going to be aroun 5inx10in big and very bold, something i can wear with pride for my hole life, it aslo gives me great pride becasue i also drew it. If anbody would like to talk to me about my tattoo or art, i would love to hear from you all. Peace Barrett


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike
Studio: PicMan
Location: saskatoon%2C+sk

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