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Jodie's head tattoo

tered about the idea of my wife getting another tattoo and were stuck on where we should place it. Already having a large tribal on her chest and tummy we were torn between a thigh or an arm. Jod was a little concerned about the tattoo showing when not in the appropriate environs, but wanted to go ahead with something. Then I had the idea to have her head done. Jod was excited about the tattoo but not so excited about shaving her head, but I tried to convince her that she could wear a wig when she wanted to and I would spring for it, a good one. We agreed to take a look at wigs and see if there was one that actually didn't look like a wig. After alot of searching we found the perfect wig. It was exactly the style that she was currently wearing and fell so that none of the hairline showed at all. By the way, real hair wigs cost more per ounce than gold. Jod was very happy with the wig and so we decided that the head tattoo was the next move. Jod didn't want me to shave her head so we called our tattoo artist and asked how much experience she had had with head tattoos and shaving. She siad she had done several head tattoos and never had any complaints about her shaving techniques so we set an appointment for the following Saturday. We had picked out a really cool tribal that looked like little rivulets eminating from a central knot. We knew it would take a couple sessions to complete but we excited to get started. Saturday rolled around and Jod was getting nervous about shaving her head again and was trying on the wig. I reassured her that it looked great and we off to the shop. Just for fun we played some games that morning with the scissors and ended up cutting quite a bit of hair off in the process. This led to some fun in the bed room before we were off the Tattoo parlor. Jod ended up with a spikey, punkish do. We got to the shop about five minutes early and sat down in the waiting area as Jess, our artist, was still prepping the room. We were escorted to a private room and made comfortable while we discussed to artwork and the price and the it was time to bare the canvas. She started with clippers and reduced Jod's spikey do to stubble pretty quickly and after that a wet shave. It was very erotic to watch my wife get shaved bald, especially by another girl who seemed to enjoying it as much as I was. Jod on the other hand kept looking in the mirror and grimacing as her head came into view. After kidding around with some bald jokes she got started with the outline. This was all that would be done the first day and it took nearly four hours. Jod was in a little pain during and for a short while after the procedure but soon became accustomed to it. She couldn't pull herself away from the mirror and I even caught her running her hands over head, enjoying the smoothness of it. We were both quite pleased. Over the next two weekends the tattoo was filled in and was finally completed. The filling in of the piece took alot longer than the outline and was quite painful. Jess wanted to be sure to get the shading even and dark so no touch ups would be necessary. Over the course of three sessions we found out that Jess too had a head tattoo but had it done in the back so only part of her head needed to be shaved and her hair hung over it. She said she admired Jod for being so brave and going for the whole look. It was spectacular! Jodie loved it as did I. She was suprised to find that she could wear the wig after only a couple of days of healing from each session. Right now she is committed to keeping her head bald so she can show off her new head. She has had nothing but positive comments on the tattoo and how bold she is to sport a shaved head. Any time we go out now she leaves the wig at home and only wears it at work. She thinks that she has discovered another erogenous zone as she loves me to stroke and kiss her head when we make love. I'm not sure whether this excitement over her baldness will last but I am going to enjoy it while it does. I figure that after a while she will allow her hair to grow in but we'll know what's underneath and the urge will return to bare her head again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Local+Tattoo+Artist
Studio: In+Her+Shop
Location: Western+New+York

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