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Japanese tattoo

I had been considering a tattoo for a while...I wanted to do it as soon as I turned 18, but I had not picked out a design then...A few months ago I began toying with getting some kanji tattooed on my back..I liked this idea, now to find a symbol that meant something to me...I finally settled on Kuma (bear). I chose bear, well because I've always liked the animal, and as far as my sexuality goes, I associate with the bear community. I picked a spot on my back (on my spine about 2 inches below my neck), then decided to wait a couple of months, figuring that if I was still interested in two months, then I would really want it...and so the two months were up, and the night before last I headed down to Laughing Buddha on Broadway here in Seattle, talked to Jen, got an appointment for the next night after work, and paid my deposit. I returned the next night, after having spent an anxious day at work with no caffeiene (Jen told me no caffeiene for 8 hours before the tattoo). I arrive, she tells me she will not be doing my work, and then she introduces me to Dag, my artist, and he begins to set up. Dag was very cool, and he had done asian writing work in the past, and was good at it. He had cool chinese lettering up both of his forearms (make sure you ask him what it means if you get work done by him ;) ). It was interesting to watch the set up process, if not a little nerve wracking because of the anticipation...Everytime he turned the needle on to test it I nearly jumped out of my seat. I am not new to body modification, I have quite a few piercings, but this is my first tattoo, and only because of reading the BME did I have any idea what it was gonna be like...finaly he put the transfer on and we made some last second adjustments, and he set to work...He told me I would probably be surprised by what it felt like, and the first touch of the needle is the worst...Then he just began. I could feel how deep it was going in my back, and it hurt 1000 times less than I expected it to...piercing is a much more intense pain, though tattooing last about an hour longer than the piercing pain. It felt like someone was giving me a really deep back scratch...not really very painful at all. I expected having it done over my spine would be incredibly painful, though I guess I just have a very fleshy back...about an hour later I had a beautiful tattoo that was perfect and exactly how I wanted it...and now I cant wait to get more... After getting it I was very euphoric, as I am after piercings as well...things tried to kill the "high" (I got a parking ticket and was almost t-boned on my way home), but I was still in the state of unbelievable happieness for a while. Its now the day after, I took the bandage off and put A&D ointment on before bed last night, slept with a shirt on so it wouldnt rub the blanket too much...it was fine when I showered and washed it this morning, no fading or anything. I ointmented it again and headed to work. the area is very sore this morning...not the tattoo itself, but underneath and around...it feels like someone punched that spot repeatedly yesterday, and now its just sore...I expected this, seeing as how there was a needle digging around in the flesh, but it is still annoying. I had been planning on getting my PA after I got my tattoo, now I may get more tattoos first...it was definently different than piercing, piercing is a rush, and not as permanent..tattooing was more of an experience. I think I would like to add "ai" and "jin" below my tattoo, so it would read bear lover in japanese. Overall, the experience was very very good, and I recommend it to anyone...Laughing Buddha is a great studio, very clean, very professional, yet still very relaxed and cool. I had gotten some strech work done on my ear piercings there, and so I knew the people were good. I had also talked to some people who had tattoo work done there, and they recommended them highly. I also recommend them highly, especially Dag.
Somehow I dont think I will regret this when I am 40, so I figure why not? So if you are wavering on wether or not to get one, I definently recommend it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dag
Studio: Laughing+Buddha
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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