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I had been wanting one for a long time...

a nice Jewish girl, and in my religion you cannot be buried with a tattoo. Well its a good thing i am not religious, otherwise i would feel pretty bad. I told my mother i wanted to get my tongue pierced, she said no, but she did agree to the tattoo, which still boggles me to this day. She made me do a lot of research before she was convinced i knew everything that happened during a tattooing process. I dont know why, but i have always been in love with tattoos, to me they are works of art, if they are done right. I had wanted a tattoo since I was 15 years old, so a month after my 18th birthday I finally got the nerve to get one done. My friend wanted to get her tattoo touched up, and i thought that was the perfect opportunity for me to go with her. The whole ride there i was so nervous, but once i got inside the Tattoo parlor i felt at ease. The owner, Jerry showed me around and told me to take my time, he made me feel more comfortable. i asked Jerry some questions like, "how bad does it hurt?" He told me that it was very tolerable, it feels more annoying then it does painful. He was right about that. Jerry explained to me that i should find a tattoo that i could see myself with, when i was much older. I spent about one hour looking for a tattoo, just right for me. I looked at all the tribal tattoos, fairie, suns, and some really tacky ones. The thing that impressed me most was how nice everyone that worked there was. They were never rude. I found the perfect one for me, it was a blue dragon, with an orangy-red underbelly laying the celtic symbol for peace. Jerry introduced me to Jeff and told me that he was going to tattoo me. I paced around while Jeff made a stencil of my dragon. Jeff disinfected, shaved my lower middle back,and put speed stick on the area. He then applied the stencil, i liked what i saw, i told him i was ready. I sat on a high chair and heard the gun for the first time...thats when i got panicky. I told my friend to hold my hand, she did. The first stroke wasnt bad, just stung alittle, i was feeling good, then all the sudden i felt sick, Jeff stopped to see if i was okay, he got me water and told me to breath. I felt better after 5 minutes and i was ready again. I took a couple of 5 mind breaks in between, just so i could move around. I was sitting in the most uncomfortable position. i had to straddle a chair that was too high for me for about 4 hours. The whole tattooing proccess took my 4 hours ... but it was worth it. The tattoo didnt hurt much either, just stung thats all. people make it out to be so bad, its only bad for the first few minutes and the last. Towards the end of the tattoo, which was around 11pm i was too tired i would have fallen asleep. After a while you just get used to the tatto and you dont even feel it. I was extremely happy when i left, like i had accomplished my goal. i didnt feel any pain on the ride home, that was the best part, i thought my back would hurt really bad. It did not, thank god. I took care of the tattoo, just like it said on the instructions they gave me. My mom got me some vitamin E, so i could apply it when my tattoo began to peal. When the tattoo was healing, i thought that was worse than the tattooing procedure, my back muscles felt tight. After the first week was over my tattoo was almost completely healed. I showed all my friends and they all loved it. I cant wait to get more, whenever i get enough money i am going to add more to the tattoo, something tribal like to the sides. I do recommend this place to first time tattooers, simply because of the quality of their tattoos, their kindness, and their professionalism. They make you feel right at home. I also recommend that you take a glance at their homepage .... AccupictureTattoo.com .... take a look under Jeff's section ...you will see my tattoo, its the only dragon on the page. My next experience beside the tribal on the sides of the dragon will be to get my tongue pierced, i still really want to get it done. But my mother says that if i get a hole i my tongue i will be kicked out of the house... i guess i will have to wait till college. oh yea...i have a question for those who are reading my story, if you know...is the tongue the most likely place to get infected...just wondering.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: Accupicture+Tattoo
Location: Middleton+Rhode+Island

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