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I got Loui and I love him!!!

at work one day and one of my very good friends was talking about how she was getting a tatoo that nite. I had wanted a tatoo for the longest time. I was so excited when she asked me to go with her to get hers. Now I could see what it was like to get one. You have to understand I am a prep, the skirt and cute shirt kinda girl, and I am a swimmer which is kinda a preppy sport in my school. No one had ever expected me to get a tatoo. My mom was just sooo strict!! The question that I got the most was " IS THAT REAL?? NO IT'S NOT!! CAN I TOUCH IT??," I this was soooo funny because by the time people saw me at swim practice I had forgotten about it even being there.

My mom had always been against tatoos or anything on my body except for my ears being pierced, but I was surprised to here that she might get one. I asked if her and I could get matching tatoos and she agreed. We went that nite to get them along with my friend who had put that idea back into my head. My mom decided against getting one, but still let me. All that was running through my head while I was picking it out was "I will have this on my body for the reat of my life, it better be something I absolutly LOVE." I picked out a GECKO lizard. Next, I picked out colors for it. It has a blue body with a yellow stripe down the middle of his back, it's eyes and toes are white. After I picked him out and got the okay from my mom she left and I had to wait with my teo friends for about and hour before I could go back in the room to get him done. During this time my BEST FRIEND Nikki, who came with me to hold my hand, got her naval pierced. I held her hand while she got that doen and she cut me with her nails.HAHAHA o well.... After she got that done all that was on my mind was my tatoo. I was VERY scared!!! I wasn't having second thoughts about getting it, but I sure was having some thoughts. While we were in the waiting room these BIG guys were all coming in there to pick out tatoos. The more people I saw the more scared I became!! I got him on my hip where it can be seen in a bathingsuit, so when I went back there I had to pull down my pants a little (which made me even more nervious haha). He put an ink print of the gecko on my hip and at first I didn't like the poisition, so he changed it and it was perfect. The outline hurt the most, I'm not going to lie to you. After that I was used to the pain, but I couldn't let go of Nikki's hand. He got to the coloring part and that was a breeze compared to the outline! Then he got to the eyes and toes, they hurt really bad too. He finished after about a half hour and my lizard (LOUI) was perfect!! He said I was a bleeder. My tatoo artist was very nice. He was calming me down the entire time. Then he started asking me questions to get my mind off the tatoo. His first question was "Do you play any sports?," of course I said "Yea I swim year round.," and then I was told that i wasn't aloud to have it in the chlorine for about two weeks. I had a fit. I never thouhgt of the chlorine bothering it. I didn't know what I was going to tell my coach. My swim coach hates me now and ignores me at practice, but O WELL I love my tatoo. Everyone else thinks he is really cute and thats becasue he is!!!! I have had him for about 4 months and still love him like I did when I first got him. I am 16 and am already thinking about what I am going to get on my 18th birthday!!! I would never talk down about getting one!! I even brought one of my mom's friends to get one about two weeks after I got Loui. Hers was around her belly button. If anyone has any questions about tatoos or needs help convinceing their parents to let them get one feel free to e~mail me. I am sure I would know or could get it for you. Loui was $45 and WELL WORTH IT!!!!! My mom is happy with it and so am I!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Jersey+Devil+Tatooing
Location: Blackwood+NJ

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