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name is Rob. About two months ago i finally got my first tattoo after wanting one since i was sixteen. In kansas you have to be eighteen of written and notarized permission from you parent. My mother decided that she didn't want me to have one so you wouldn't sign for me. It was decided, i had to wait till i was eighteen. The first thing that i had to do was pick the place. Alot of my friends recommended skin illustrations but i wanted to check out the place in town. The place in town was nice enough so i made an appointment. I was to get a dragon. About a month went by and i was at a friends house when i met this guy who was covered with tattoos. He showed me on that he got from dragons claw and it sucked. It was the shittiest tattoo that i had ever seen. I thought maybe he had just had a bad day. Then within the next two weeks about three other people had show me there scars,,i mean tattoos that they had gotten from the place in town. I started to think that maybe the place in town should be shut down. I decided to go have a look at the place some of my friends had recommended. Skin illustrations had a very clean shop and a good reputation. I looked through the portfolio of the tattooist named mark and decided that i really liked his style. This was the place. This is where i was going to get it done. This was about two weeks before i turned eighteen so i decided to go ahead and at least make the appointment. It was set, i left a ten dollar deposit and my appointment was to be in two weeks. The next two weeks went by extremely slow. When i was at skin illustrations i had decided on the pitbull ripping through the skin but didn't quite like the look but liked the theme. I spent the next two weeks trying to think of how i wanted to change it. Nothing. Not being an artist made it hard for me to think of a way to change it. Not only did i spend the entire two weeks thinking of a way to change it but anybody and everybody that i met that had a tattoo was trying to convince me of how bad it was going to hurt. I wasn't worried though because pain had never really bothered me too much but everyone saying had let the thought creep up into my mind. I wasn't worried about the pain but the anticipation really started getting to me. I couldn't wait. Finally, the day came. I was to be there at four o' clock. Two of my friends went with me because they eventually want to get one and they just wanted to see what it was going to be like. Mark, the guy who was supposed to do my tattoo had quit the monday of that week and this was a thursday. Instead there was a guy named brent who was from one of there other stores there to do it for me. I met brent and he explained his thoughts on the tattoo. The pitbull that i had picked out was drawn shitty. He had the same thoughts as me but being an artist he could do something about it. He took the theme of the pitbull ripping through the skin and totally changed the look. It was sweet. I liked it alot. Not only was the one he drew me alot better than the one that i picked out but instead of just being flash art it was now a custom piece that no one had. My time came to get started. I sat down in the chair and waited for him to set up. Like i said this place was clean and all the needles were new and had just come out of the autoclave. I was nervous from the anticipation and just wanted him to get started. He was finally ready and asked me if this was the first time and i said yes. He walked me through the process and explained everything that he was going to do. He shaved my arm and began. I sat there waiting for the test line and the anticipation was getting to me. He started and the only thought that came across my mind was "is that it?" I couldn't believe it. It was nothing. The pain was there but it was no where close to extreme and was very very tolerable. The anticipation of what it was going to feel like was all over nothing. My tattoo took about 45 minutes to complete and it was over in no time at all. My advice to anyone getting there first tattoo is to only do it if they really want one. If you really want one don't let the thought of the pain stop you because it isn't bad at all. The only thing they would really hurt would be getting on a bone or area that is really sensitive. Those you may want to work up some more courage. When trying to decide where to get it done, remember, a cheap tattoo is never good, and a good tattoo is never cheap. If you go somewhere and give the artist your idea and it seems like he giving you a good price for what you want,,,it's probably to good to be true. -Rob-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Brent
Studio: Skin+Illustrations
Location: Kansas

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