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My Tattoo

had wanted a tattoo for a loooong time, and I finally decided that I'd do it. Now came the decision of what I should get a tattoo of. Well, i'm a HUGE Our Lady Peace fan, and I had decided on the Naveed symbol (it's written in Sanskrit). Anyways, so now I had to find a place to do custom tattoos. There were only 2 tattoo parlors in Brandon and Artistic is the one that said they would do custom tattoos. So I made my appointment and faxed him my tattoo design. The day of my tattoo I was SO nervous. I have a VERY low tolerance for pain. The whole drive to Brandon I think I must've smoked like a chimney. I couldn't even eat, I felt so sick to my stomach! I had gone with my Mom and I said to her "Mom, if I ever ask to do something this crazy again, PLEASE say NO!!" Finally I got there and we waited for a bit. We looked at all the tattoos hanging on the walls. There were some pretty cool ones. Finally a girl named Chantelle asked if my name was Carrie, and I said yes it was. She said that she'd be doing my tattoo and that I could go back to the room now if I'd like. Thankfully Chantelle could see that I was nervous and asked if this was my first tattoo. I said yes it was, so she said that she would make sure she would tell me everything that she was going to do. That made me feel a LOT better. Well she showed me all the steralization equipment and how clean the place was, that made me feel more comfortable. Finally she said she was ready to do my tattoo. This was it, no turning back. I remember she said "you have about one more minute to change your mind." This whole minute my mind was racing with thoughts like "I CANT DO THIS! THIS IS CRAZY!" But I didnt' want to back down. My whole life I've been kinda seen as a whimp, and I had already told everyone I was getting a tattoo. Well it seemed like 10 minutes later and then she said she was ready. She traced the design on to my shoulderblade with a pen. She got me to look in a mirror to see if it was ok, and I said yes it looked perfect. Then she got me to sit down in the chair, this was it. She told me that she would do the outline of the tattoo, and this would hurt the most. I said I was ready. I tried my very best not to flinch, and since I had no idea what a tattoo would feel like I guess I was expecting sheer agony or something like that. I was amazed, it just felt like a cat scratch! It was uncomfortable, and it hurt A BIT, but it wasn't as nearly as painful as I had thought it would be. Pretty soon the outline was done. By this time I could barely feel what she was doing on my back anymore. She got me to look in the mirror to see if the outline was fine and I said yes it was. I sat back down and she started filling it in. This hardly hurt at all, it just felt itchy, it's a hard feeling to describe. Pretty soon the tattoo was done. The whole thing had only taken about 30 minutes. Chantelle told me about all the after care instructions, gave me a sheet, and also gave me some cream to put on my tattoo. I payed then I left, feeling totally great. When I got home (I live about 40 min. from Brandon), I took of the bandage and put the cream on. The tattoo looked kinda yucky, it was all red and swollen and there was a tiny bit of blood on the bandage. But that's what Chantelle said would happen, so it didn't shock me too much. The most annoying thing about the whole healing experience was probably remembering to put the cream on it 5 times each day. Also, the second week, it got really itchy but I wasn't allowed to scratch it. Oh well, it was definately worth it. That was about 2 months ago and my tattoo looks great now and I've gotten TONS of compliments on how it looks. Also because it's a custom design everyone always asks "What does it mean?" and I love to explain. If you're thinking of getting a tattoo, you should definately do it. Don't be scared of the pain, because there hardly is any! I definately do not regret getting mine, and I doubt I ever will.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Chantelle
Studio: Artistic+Tattoo+And+Body+Piercing
Location: Brandon%2C+MB+Canada

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