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Our 12 year tattoo history

is a story about my wife and I, and our tattoos from ground zero. My wife and I dated 6 months before we got married, during those 6 months my wife asked me if I minded if she got a small tattoo. I said sure. Little did she know I had a passion for tattoos since I was a teenager. My mother had a friend who was a very nice looking lady that I always thought was very interesting, than one day I saw this lady in a swim suit, She had a large floral tattoo on the front of her right shoulder extending down and vanishing into her swim suite. Needless to say that image stuck with me for years. Knowing that you can understand how I felt when my wife asked if I minded. A few days later we both went to get a tattoo, she went first and got a very small unicorn. While she was getting the tattoo she got sick and threw up several times and swore that was her last. Then it was my turn, I decided against my orginal design because of all the pain she appeared to be in. Well, within 6 months we both found our way back to the same tattoo shop, this time I got 2 tattoos and she got another one, because she wanted one that she could show off, her first one was below the belt and hard to display. so she got this one on her breast. I got a stupid eagle and a rolling stone's emblem. which are both long gone now. The artist we went to seemed a little shaky and neither one of us really liked him so months passed before we thought about tattoos again. Than I stumbled upon my first copy of TATTOO magazine. We never tattoos could be so nice. That first magazine had a covergirl named Lisa who had her whole chest tattooed and both nipples pierced. I told my wife that I thought she looked fantastic and my wife told me there was no way that she would ever go that far. Looking back, that is funny she said that. Another tattoo we came across that I loved was a cats face tattooed directly on the pubic area, I showed her and she said it looked nice. Then she told me not to get my hopes up. Well 12 years after our first tattoo experience we are still collecting them, and I don't think we see the end in sight. Along the way in our tattoo journey we came accross several really great tattoo artists, such as Glenn Scott, Marty Holcomb, Juli Moon & Debi Lenz. I would like everyone to know we think these artist's are great. My tattoo's now consist of both upper arms, both hips, right lower leg, and partial back piece. My wife's Tattoos consist of Both breast's, soon to be whole chest, both ankles, butt, bikini area, small on on shoulder and planning armband soon, and yes, she got the cat's face tattooed. She also has both of her nipples pierced and a clit hood, she calls it her hood ornament. Both of us are normal people, We are both professionals in the work place and most people are shocked when they find out about our tattoos. I have noticed that we are both getting a little more willing to get the tattoos in areas where they are more visable. Looking back 12 years, I am glad she wanted to go get that first little tattoo, The funny thing is that was supposed to be her last one, there were several others that were also her last. I am not so sure that our passion for tattoos will ever stop. I also have a tattoo webpage that shows some of our tattoos. http://www.geocities.com/magicman30/ My webpage is a page dedicated to tattoos, and tattooed people. I take pictures of people when I go to tattoo shows and there is a page dedicated to the easyriders rodeo. I have a segmit that is for viewer submitted pics also. I try to update it every week, My wife was kind enough to pose for some nice quality pictures that I plan to add soon, we had alot of fun taking each others pictures. We both posed for each other and it was a turn on. I know when we get the pictures developed you can see by the look on our faces that we were having a good time taking the pics. Something I hope by writing this is some feedback from other people like us, We would like to exchange pictures with other people and who knows, If you live near us maybe we can go to some tattoo conventions together. I hope you liked our story !!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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