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My secret pussycat

ys wanted a tat to decorate my body. The problem with that was that i had everyone in my family telling me are you craxy? a young girl like you having a tat? They told me that if i dare do something like that i would be throuwn out of the house. So i forgot the idea since last summer. I was in a legal age to do it but i would nt dare it. My boyfriend encouraged me telling that it is my body and i can decorate it as i want. Anyway i desided to do it but i had to find the spot. In first place i wanted it on my shoulder blade but this spot is easily viewed in summer. So we desided to make it on a spot that is covered even with a bathing suit. Two was the spots breast or pubic. The problem with me was that i was afraid making a tat in that spots because i didnt want to feel like a porno star. My boyfriend finaly convinced me that i had nothing to be afraid and a tat is a kind of permanent jewelery made and wore only for me so i desided finaly the pubic one. I wanted to feel free wearing any type of clowth. The design was the second thing i had to think carefully. i spent a long time thinking and also designing on paper. (I am good at that as a student of architecture) I had a lot of ideas how a inked pussy would be. In the begining i was thinking about something coloured like a bird, a butterfly, a monsters face something giving my genitals a character. I desided that this area looks more like a face but i liked the idea not to make a face with photographic pattern so i moved to tribal designs but the problem remained how my pussy would look and i had sudently the idea! Like a pussycat YES YES YES i started working on the idea. I saw a lot of tribal patterns to understand the way the lines should be as to look like an original tribal design. After two months of work i made it. It looked really like a cats face now i had the design on a piece or paper but not on me I Had to find an artist. A little bit dificult because the spot was not for a mainstreem tattoist. My boyfriend had a friend who knew a tattoist working in a shop in town i saw his work and i liked it. He told us he would do it but with an appointement and not in his shop because there is no privet place. I showed him, my design and he took it to work on it. We made an appointement on my boyfriends place. I was prepared, shaved and ready to start but my heart was pumping like a train. When i heard to door ring i felt dizzy and i was ready to tell him i changed mind He came in with his eqiupment smiling and made me feel better.He showed me the design that i gave him with some corrections. I liked it and the time to start came. i took a breath and i laid on a desk specialy prepeared for the ocassion . He cleaned the area and put the design with some sort of paper on my skin. I felt like beeing on the gynecologist and also i inagined his face when he will see the tat. I looked it again the area, it seemed me larger than i thought but i liked it. The lines were covering the hole area. I told him that i was ready and he told me to to be afraid . The machine buzzed and i took another breath. When the needle touched my skin i thought that tat was my lack of virginity. In the begining the pain was very strong and i told him to stop for a little bit. Afterwards i felt only a burning and it was better. He took about two hours to finish. I looked my inked pussy and i was very happy and a little bit dizy. He told me to keep it clean using some sort of antibactiral. After the tat was healed i was very happy looking my tribal pussy, the design covers the hole area from the bikini line till the outer labia the mouth of the cat is exactly where my clitoris is. Of cource with some bikini suits some lines are visible but it doesnt matter. I like beeing my parents good little girl with that kind of secret tattoo some times i am thinking that if they see it they will have heart attacks. Now in my plans, is a genital piercing maybe a clitoris ring to decorate my dear pussy. Anna


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jonny
Studio: By+appointement
Location: Greece

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