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How I got over my needle phobia!!!

e had a facination with tatttoos and body mod. since I was about 14 years old , when I was 18 I decided I had waited long enough and finaly had saved up enough money (and courage!!)to have it done . I had drawn a beautiful tribal design that I wanted in the middle of my lower back , right above my butt.I was referred to a tattoo artist by a trusted family member and called her up to ask if I could check her studio out , make sure that it was clean and that I felt comfortable with her , also to check out pictures of the tattooing that she had done previously . I was pretty suprised when I got there and met her , not what I was expecting at all !!! She's was an art teacher in highschool with 3 children . she was very petite (100 lbs or less) and real maternal so I felt automatically very safe and relaxed , she had also done beautiful work so I decided to trust her with my body and took an appointment with her and was sceduled to come back three days later. those were the longest three days ... I was soooo axious to get it done but when friday came and it was time to go , my axiousness was replaced with really bad nervousness because I am extremely afraid of needles,and I mean really scared of them and I guess this was my way to confront my fear face to face.So she lends me a teeshirt with the back cut out so I dont stain mine and by that time , I'm starting to feel a little ( a lot!)dizzy and my legs seem to not want to support my body anymore , so I tell her this and she assures me that all will go well and to sit down and try to remember to breathe once in a while!!! so I sit down on a stool and lean on the doctor like table in front of me , my then boyfriend takes my hand and tries to calm me down saying it dont hurt ect...but what does he know ,(he had his done when he was 14 and stoned,I reminded him !!)So she finishes her preparations and tells me she's ready to start . Getting tattooed is like having someone take a razor blade and cutting you over and over again and mixed with the pain was my imagination picturing three needles piercing my skin mixing blood and ink...and since I had to be propped up on my elbows to give her the best position , The effort was worsening my dizzyness so she stops and gets me two pillows that I can lay on . After this , I sort of became very calm and started concentrating on not feeling any discomfort , wich worked (after two hours though , I was starting to hope it would end soon ...)But when it was done , and I saw my tribal on my back , I fell in love ! It was so beautiful , I finally had a tattoo done and was feeling pretty good ! afterwards , as soon as I got of the chair , I called my bestfriend to tell her it was done , so the first question she asks is if it hurt and I realised that my back felt the same as before I got on the stool , I was expecting a burning sensation or something but I felt nothing !! the only pain (if I can call it that) I could feel was when I would apply the antibacterial cream , It felt like a bruise,and healing , wich is different from one person to an other , was very , very , quick for me , within 3 days , the scab was gone , the excess ink had stopped coming out and the swelling was gone ( I did keep applying the cream for a full week )all that was left was a beautiful tattoo that I was very proud to own !!! I was so enthousiastic about it that I convinced two boyfriends , a friend , a cousin , and my aunt,who already had three done a long time ago , to get a fourth !(still working on the bestfriend though!) Since then I've had another one done , mist floating through a rose , on my right shoulderblade and I am planning to get a very delicate tribal around my ankle , but have not found (or drawn...)a suitable design yet , will keep looking , I am also seriously considering getting something pierced but not sure what part of my body yet , probably my tongue or a nipple . Will write about it in the BME piercings section when I get it done !! Till then , dear readers who are considering getting inked , here are my words of advice : make sure your tattoo (s)to come represent a part of who you are beecause that's exactly what it is , also , make sure you have it done in a clean , respectable place by an artist with EXPERIENCE , you dont want to become someone's guinee pig !!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: karmeline
Studio: studio+tattoo+victo.
Location: victoriaville%2CQuebec.+Canada

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