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My First Tribal Tattoo

, this is my first tattoo experience . I guess i have been thinking real long about whether or not to get a tattoo , u see , no matter what people say , singapore is still a very conservative country and is a place where tattoos are considered to be associated with gangs and outcasts . this is too bad for people like us .. for actually i sincerely feel tattooing is a very beautiful art form .. its like u can tell what a guy's character is like just checking out his/her tattoo . anyway ...i did a whole lot of considering , i must have checked out at least over a hundred over web sites looking for ideas and generally learning more about it . i then discovered there were so many different types of tattoos ... tribal , old school , colour , etc etc . I also read up on all the bme tattoo text experiences to get to know the procedure ...i also asked my friends who have tattoos how it would be like . would it hurt , which tattoo studios are reputable ? ..so on and so forth.. Well , i then decided to get a tribal design , with a yinyang symbol in the middle ... this was one of the flash pics i saw on the net . but i wanted mine to be unique .. so i printed out the pic on paper and took it to quite a few tattoo studios .. i asked a few whether it could be customized to be unique but still following the same traits as the original ... the yinyang symbol etc . anyway , most of the sketches they drew up wasnt to my satisfaction ... so i kinda moved all over singapore trying to find an artist that would really draw up something i want .. i may be a little fussy , but hey ..a tat's for life . think real carefully before u decide what to put on .. your interest may change after a little while , that happened to quite a few friends i knew . Most of them go in and when they see something they like ... they get it done immediately .. two days later , they come across an even better design , and then they start to regret . I have a friend who went in with his group of drunk buddies(he was also drunk by the way )and just to win a bet .. the poor guy tattooed a pile of shit on his arm with the words in bold black letters on top "Shit Happens" .. when he woke up the next morn .. first thing he did was to go check his bank account . To see whether he had enough money for laser treatment . :) So beware , dont ever make a terrible mistake like that . So i came to Horiyoshi Tattoos , actually the studio was rather new ...and so were a few of the artists .. but anyway i got the artist to design it the way i wanted , and hey ! The guy got it right on the first try . So ok ... i pulled up my sleeve and waited for the guy to start .. i expected it to really hurt ..but i was pleasantly surprised to find it didnt hurt at all ... it was just kind of a scratchy , irritating feeling . Anyway , the tat took an hour to complete .. and after wiping off all the blood and ink ..the tat looked fantastic .. the guy really knows his stuff . His name's Danny , and his art is really good . In fact , i liked it so much that i think ill be going down next month after payday to get another one down ... im thinking of a tribal dragon running across my shoulder down to my chest . My mum's gonna be wild at me , but hell .. im already 20 and im no kid .. :) Anyway , to all you guys out there who are considering of getting one done .. take your time about it , dont just set your mind on solely one design , remember it ... and keep searching for more , then u can decide which u like best . Remember .. you dont want to regret your tat and start thinking of how much you're gonna fork out for a laser or cover-up job . Happy Tattooing ! You can mail me anytime to discuss about this topic ... Cheers , Kastore. Tattoo Aftercare

If u do actually take the trouble to ask around , you'll find that everyone's opinion on tattoo aftercare differs slightly . So im just gonna include what Danny told me ..and if u think it works for you , then just go ahead and try it . For my own tattoo , i just tried basically to keep it free of sweat and dirt .. i used A & d to speed up the healing process , and i applied it around three to four times a day , spread out of course . You can shower , but put on a layer of baby oil to protect it first . Don't scrub the tattoo ... just rinse soap and water over it . When it itches , either pat the tattoo or (very carefully) scratch the area around it ..and in around 2 weeks to a month , your tat should heal . Hope i was of some help :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Danny
Studio: Horiyoshi+Studio
Location: Singapore

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