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My love for tats....

s perceived by the general public are for convicts or rather "Bad" people... I disagree.. I was always impressed by people with tats... People of walks of life enjoy this form or art... I am a professional working in a professional environment.. and I am very proud to say I have a tat, and now TWO... In fact I have a few colleagues in my office who has a tat or two....
It was 2 years since I first had my tat done, (a present from my wife for my birthday) and have loved every bit of it.. The sensation of having the tattoo done and the appreciation by people wherever I go made me decide to go for my second tat... After reading many magazines, and visiting websites including BME and discussing with my wife, I decided to go for something larger and more interesting... But it still had to be within the theme, I originally set, which were carps.... Time was spent reading articles and researching into the web, only to discover that nothing really inspired me... I wanted to have somthing that will last, it's not just a fad... Something that whether now or in twenty years time, will still be liked by me.... I always like tats, since I was young, the first time coming across where my druggie neighbour had his done... It was a dragon piece on the arm, and from then on aspired to have one done.. Wehn I first when into higher education, I visited a tattoo shop down in South London, and it wasn't a nice one... You had this heavily tat person sitting in the front desk with a ciggie askine what ya want now??? Looking at his work puts you off, he only specialises in names and traditional designs... This put off for somtime till I got married... About a month ago, I decided to take a couple of days off work to take my wifey out for a short holiday... As I had sometime left I decided to pop into the Rock It Tattoos to see if they have anything for me... No, it's about 20 miles away from where I leave, and as I ahve to depend on publice transport, it takes about an hour and a half to get there... I wanted to spent some time discussing with them on a design and for an appointment... Over there, I met Tony, and who then introduced me to Matt, who assists him at the shop.. And a suggestion was that I cover up my earlier small carp with an 8inch carp from my shoulder blade down to my arm... I was nervous at first, not by the fact that tattos are painful but rather, the quality and design by Matt... I told Matt what I wanted or desired to have, and was pretty fussy about it... A design was drawn by Mattt, in which he knew exactly what I wanted... As was I amazed and surprised to discover Matt and his talent, and could not wait to have it done it, and as he had no appointment for the day, I started to get myself inked.... It took Matt about 3.5 hours to complete the entire job. During this time, I felt bored... The feeling of needles poking in and our of the skin caused some numbness... The most hurtful part was the inking on the shoulder blade.. The carp is finished light and dark mauvre with tonmes of blue to highlight the carp and with black shadow. As the saying goes, no pain no gain.. It is not as hurtful as one might think, but I feel it was all well worth it.. I was very impressed by the outcome, and so was Matt, who decided to take some photos of it... It's now in the healing process.. and it will take at least a couple of weeks.... On my first tat, when it was scalding the most important thing wsas not to scratch, and I did do just that... Well, I do hope that I can control myself and not do somthing stupid... Once healed, I am definitely going to get my other arm and a back piece done, it's a matter of finance and time and not forgetting the design... And it has to be Matt who will have the chance to produce another piece of brilliant body artwork... One should not rushed through like what I have done, think carefully before getting yourself inked... It's for life... It's well worth it spending time researching into your need and wants... Besides, you must allow plenty of time for it to be done and heal... And one should not froget about the good ethics about professional tattooists, ie: do not bargain or asks for a discount on a tat... it is quality that counts, not the price.... And as for my parents, they have yet to know about my tats and loive for them.. I presume they will probably freak at first sight of my tattoo, but will probably like it...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Rock+It+Tattoos
Location: Edgware%2C+London%2C+UK

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