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My Tatt story

every one out there, I'm going to tell you about my tattoo story. It all started like two years ago when i really got into tattoes i though it would be a little scary but really interesting to get one and said to myself that when i was eighteen i would get one. I honestly forgot that i wanted a tatt until last year when when a buddy of mine got one done on his arm and i dated this guy who had one. Around my neighborhood i ususally see hood rats with tatts but never pay attention to their tatt's cause they do it to show it off, no other reason. so i wanted a tatt to be meaningful and i decided to wait and get something that had to do with my zodiac sign "cancer". I've always been into astrology and all that crap not too into it thugh. So i've been having trouble with my parents they were trying to really have total control over me, and what better way to rebel, to let them know that no one but me owns me. Anyway that's another story, i really needed to make a desision for my sef and i really wanted to get a tatt. Another friend of mine had gotten a tatt in june so she took me to the place she went. The day i went to get my tatt done i was so nervous. I though the place ws clean it could have been cleaner but it was fair. i picked my desgn and when kaku the artist was shving my back like i had any hairs i jumped and said OH MY GOD I FELT A NEEDLE!!!! and my three friends who i took to support me started laughing at me. Then the guy put the stenciled design and i loved it man i wish i had a picture to show you maybe later on. anyway i was really nervous and i think that, that ws the reason for pain, becasue after 15 minutes i was just fine and not even feeling anything, and what i felt was actually good, i loved the scrathy feeling, any way i really love my tattoo, i have to admit that they are adictive, cause i'm getting my whole back done a little at the time cause i have to save some money. My story goes on I always thought my parents would disown me and like kicked me out of the house, but like two weeks after i got it and it was healed my mom saw it sinse it is on my lower back right above my but crack and is in a semi triangualar like a diamond but kind of round corners is like the claws of the crab goign around like four 6's goign around, so bend down and my mom saw it and kind of pulled my pants back a little she asked me if it was permanent and though tshe was goign to kill me but she just called me a prostitute and a drug addict. (((my roommate or soon to be roommate which is also a cnacer got one done the same design as mine like afew mm smaller than mine on her stomach)) My family is very closed minded and they are very old fashioned at least my parents and every one around their age. Even changing my hair color is a problem to them, they think people woill talk, like all these people fee my brain. Anyways i'm glad that i thought about it and i'm still thinking about my other tattoos that i am goign to get which would give me time to change my mind. My advice to anyone that is using this site as in reference to getting a tat is think about what you want and make sure is meaningful to you. Another thing i'm always complaining about which is that try to stablish a relationship with your tatooist if he's helping you put your ideas on paper, that is better cause tattoo artist are supposed to be proud of their art work because it is Art, body art That is the only bad thing about my tatt experience that i really didn't get to talk much with the tattoist, it ws just his turn and i was the next person, making you feel like it was a one night stand or something right, but it would have been a better experiece if he cherished his art work like i do becasue it is on my body for the rest of my life


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Kaku
Studio: Don%27t+recall+the+name
Location: Some+where+in+West+8th+Street+bet.+6th+avenue+and+University

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