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You know that's permanent

tory of how I got my tattoo started about a year ago. My grades in school (high school) had been kind of mediocre up to that point, and my mom wanted to give me some motivation to get good grades, so she made a deal with me. If I could get all A's and B's from 2nd quarter through the end of the year, she would bring me to get a tattoo, and pay for it. I really don't think she thought I could do it, but I did. The first thing I had to do was decide what kind of tattoo I wanted. I went online and found a lot of cool examples. I was pretty sure I wanted something either tribal or celtic, but I also liked the idea of a butterfly. Ok, so I was undecided. I found a place downtown (which shall remain nameless) which agreed to tattoo me since I'm a minor. My mom and I went down there, checked it out, picked out a cool design and made an appointment for two days later. The next day my mom starts giving me crap about how the tattoo artist looked creepy and she didn't want to go there. I couldn't really dispute since she was the one paying, so we went to a place my mom found called Tattoo Tech. Tattoo Tech was a much more friendly suburban breed of tattoo parlor. They also do piercings, and two of the girls on my cross country team have had their belly buttons done there. I sat around for a while looking through the flash, and found an arm band design I really liked, and decided to have it put across my shoulder blades, but with a butterfly in the middle. Mike, my artist, who is also extremely hot, sketched a little butterfly with the tribal design around it. It was perfect. We decided it should kind of slope down in the middle towards the butterfly. He quoted me a price of $160, which looking back on it now seems a little expensive, but hey it'll last forever. We went down into the basement of the shop which kind of freaked me out because basements are generally dirty. The room where I was tatooed was very clean though. There was a linoleum floor, a couple chairs, a mirror, a cabinet and desk with all the tattoo inks and stuff on it, and a stereo. Mike played music while he did my tattoo, which was helpful because it took my mind off of what was happening. I sat in the chair and pulled down the straps on my tank top, and Mike put the temporary tattoo think on my shoulders. My mom and little sister checked it to make sure it was even, and we began. The actual tattoing did not hurt that much. The butterfly part over my spine was almost painless, but the parts closer to my shoulders hurt more. I just kind of sat there, extremely tense, every muscle in my body clenched. It was a hard pose to hold for the hour it took to finish the tattoo. My nine year old sister watched the whole thing being done. I have a feeling it's one of those memories she'll never forget. She told me what parts Mike was working on and how much it was bleeding, which was hardly at all. I had to apply unscented lotion to the tattoo twice a day and keep it out of the sun, etc. After about 5 days it started to peel which freaked me out because I didn't know it had scabbed (it's hard to look closely at your back). I turned out great, except for a few edge lines which are uneven. I plan to have it touched up soon. The only disadvantage is having to explain to everyone at school that yes, it is real. We've been back in school for almost a month now and people are still asking. My friend Matt likes to tease me about it so he constantly says to me, "Hey, you know those things are permanent!". Then I pretend to freak out as if I didn't know. You have to understand that I go to a very small, conservative high school. My principal kind of scolded me about it, and all my teachers are astounded. I think part of the reason everyone is amazed is because my tattoo is kind of an extreme design. It's not a happy little butterfly, it's a mean black butterfly with sharp looking lines coming out of it. It's not really something you'd expect a 17 year old girl to get. In any case, I'm very happy with my tattoo and who knows, maybe I'll get another one when I go on spring break. Oh yea, and NO, IT DID NOT HURT THAT BAD!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Tattoo+Tech
Location: Dayton%2C+Ohio

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