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Yes! It's real

obably be the last person you'd expect to get a tattoo. I'm basically the preppy, brainer, goody-goody type. Just after my 16th birthday I decided I wanted a tattoo, surprisingly I had no problems convincing my mother, and my father just went along with her. So it was time to make an appointment. It took two weeks just to get my consultation. They wont tattoo anyone until they've came in and picked out their tattoo or had one designed to suit their needs, and also they want to meet the person, let them check out the studio, discuss where the tattoo is going to be placed, all that good stuff. After looking through countless magazines, pictures on walls and binders of Mike's previous work I found a picture that I kind of liked. At the time he had an apprentice working with him and he was taking care of designing the tattoos so I showed him the one I liked, asked him to change a few minor details (it's a cresent moon and a sun joined together to make a full circle, then outside of the circle there are clouds and stars on one side and sun rays on the other; the one I found had an evil look to it and I wanted it happier). I went back about 2 weeks later, they make sure to give you time to think about it and make sure you want to do it. My parents took me to get it done since they'd have to sign all the paperwork anyways, so we got all that done with and then we had to wait. We had to wait for over an hour and a half because one of the artists friends had shown up before we got there and ended up getting a tattoo. Then his wife came down and was showing off her new hair cut (the studio is in the basement of their hosue) I wasn't impressed with all this, it seemed pretty unprofessional but I really wanted a tattoo and everyone told me Sacred Art Studios was the best around here. Finally my turn came. I had wanted it on my lower back but was informed that this would hurt a lot so I changed my mind and got it on my right ankle instead. The actual area where the tattooing was done was very clean. I sat in a dentists type chair in the middle of the room. First a new razor was taken and he shaved the area (even though I had just done it that morning and there was nothing to shave); then he put a deodarant on my ankle... he had told me why at the time but I forget now. Anyways then an outline of the tattoo was put on and I was asked if I liked the positioning, I didn't, so they moved it... three times. He explained everything to me, asked if I had any questions and finally he was ready to start. He started with the outline which was the most painful part; nothing unbearable just a little pain, especially closer to the back of my ankle. Once that was done he started filling it in with colours. I was watching all of this and the dye was all over my ankle, I didn't know how he could see and I was sure he was making a mess but it came out looking perfect. The worst part of the whole thing was actually having to sit with my leg sideways for an hour. When he was done he waited a few minutes to see if I was a bleeder, I wasn't, then he took a picture for his binders I guess. After that he went over all the aftercare stuff, all of which was pretty basic, keep it covered for the first few hours, after that apply vitamin C or an antibacterial cream every few hours for the next couple weeks; avoid chlorine for a couple of weeks, apply a strong sunscreen whenever you're in the sun, and not to pic at it once it scabs over and starts peeling. So I paid him ($35) and left. I did everything I was told, except the picking at it, I actually took tweezers and was scraping off the skin and stuff, I wouldn't advise anyone to do this, it hurt. Everyone at school thought it was pretty cool, although the comment I got the most was "Is it real?". I've had it for about 6 months now, I still love it. I'd like another one, this time on my back and I want my tongue pierced. (If anyone has any thoughts on how to convince my parents to let me do that please email me cuz right now they're dead set against it.) If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to try and help, and if you're near North Bay and want to get tattooed I strongly suggest Sacred Art Studios.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Sacred+Art+Studios
Location: North+Bay%2C+Ontario

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