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Egyptian Blessing on my upper back

s an experience I had almost four and a half years ago, so some of the details are a little foggy. Since I was 16, I had been wanting a tattoo of a design I had on a necklace charm of three Egyptian Heiroglyphics(sp?). And, since that time I knew I wanted the tattoo on the center of my upper back between by shoulder blades. About 9 months after by 18th birthday, I decided I had wanted it long enough that I would not regret it, so I decided to go for it. I went by the shop a couple of time before the evening I actually had it done, talked to the artists, and generally hung around and watched. Their work looked good, and I had heard no bad tales, so, I was ready. I went in wearing an old t-shirt that I didn't mind if it got messed up, and I carried my design with me. They said it would be a little wait, but they would start working up my design. It was photocopied, enlarged to the size we agreed would look best and the drawn on something from which it could be transferred. While this was happening another woman came in and began looking for a design.
Finally it was my turn. The area which would be tattooed, was cleaned, shaved with a straight razor (although there is no discernable hair on my upper back) and coated with deodorant to stick the design to. I was shown in a mirror where the design had been placed and it looked good. I sat sort of sideways in a chair and leaned forward so the skin on my upper back would be streched tight. It was sort of uncomfortable, but I thought it would probably help keep my mind off what was happening. The artist warned me that it would hurt really bad, that I had chosen one of the most sensitive places on my body for my first tattoo, and that it would hurt a lot less if I would let him put it on my shoulder blade, but I said no, I wanted it on my spine. Now my back is very bony and there was very little padding between the needle and the bone, so yes, it did hurt. However, after the first minute or so, I realized it wasn't going to get any worse and I began chatting with the artist and with by boyfriend (now husband) who went with me. The whole time the woman who had come in to look for a design just before mine began kept looking in on me to see how I was doing. She was very nervous, and I got the impression that she had decided if I could handle it, she could, so I made sure to smile and tell her it wasn't too bad. Anyway, it turned out well. Black outline, with some black shading inside - no color. It isn't quite what I want, but I have talked to other artists since then and they said that with just a little touch-up I could get it exactly like I want it, so that's ok. The lines are a little soft, like the artist was trying to make it more feminine or something, and I didn't want that. I got this design because it means something special to me, not because it is pretty. Anyway, after he was done there was a little bleeding (a couple of drops) and he covered the tattoo with a clean piece of plastic (sort of like wax paper) and taped that to my skin. I was giving care instructions and told to come by or call if anything didn't seem right to me about it while it was healing. It scabbed over some, but not too bad, although that did itch quite a bit and it was all I could do to not scratch at it. No infection or anything at all. The redness was gone by the second day and I was showing it off to anyone who wanted to see it. I was very proud of it and still am because it means a lot to me, and I have never seen anyone else with a design quite like it. Also, it was very symbolic of me sort of reclaiming by body - making it what I want it to be, not what I had been told it should be. Since this, I have gotten a second tattoo on my lower back, which is larger and took longer. It is also right on my spine and also hurt pretty bad. I don't regret either of them, at all. They have really made feel like this is my body and made me more comfortable in my skin. I have also had a couple of great piercing experiences I will try to get around to posing soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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