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they ARE addicting

told that the lower back, in the center was the most painful spot to get a tattoo...well, that was what i was told. i got my first tattoo in that spot with a minimal amount of pain so i thought i was fearless. if i could take that, then i can handle any tattoo. a few months after my first, i decided that it wasn't big enough for me so i was going to add on to it. i already had a tribal sun so i thought of what i could do to it. i had an idea to put kanji characters of love and strenght on each side of it, but after that i had no clue. i took the idea to studio zee and talked to someone about it, until i came to the conclusion that i was going to put color in the figures: red-orange-yellow, just like a sunset. made an appointment for that saturday and i was good to go with no thought of the pain. i'm sitting in the chair with the back between my legs and the buzzing of the tattoo gun in the background. let's just say this, the sun i already had was nothing painwise as this was....ironically the character for strength was put just left of my spine was where all the pain was. it hurt like a mutherfucker, thats the best thing i can say. i knew that the outline was going to be painful but i expected that. what i didn't expect was that since i was using lighter colors that the outline would have to be thicker and basically done twice...ouch.i was so inpressed with christian cuz he put up with me saying " just hold on for a sec" a few too many times. i felt like a chickenshit every time i had him stop, but then i knew of half my friends not even going through getting one tattoo. i already had one, so this should be a piece of cake, right? theses two hours felt like two hours, time did not "fly by". but it was an amazing experience...when chris and i were talking i didn't feel anything, i actually enjoyed myself, feeling the buzz against my back. but when i wasn't talking, that's all i could think about was the pain.. 2 hours later and a little blood it was finished....and it was absolutely incredible, better than i imagined. the colors were the best i've ever seen and it came out beautiful. the reason why this was such a big deal to me personally is that i am deathly afraid of needles and the pain factor. i could give a shit if the tat was on me forever, that didn't bother me at all. the pain was what got me....and getting a tattoo would make me look at my fear in the face. i love showing people my back because of their reactions...from "wow" to "ouch, i would never do that" it has to be the most amazing thing that i've done for myself. all my friends asked about the pain factor.does it hurt? how much did it hurt? did it bleed?i tell them as much as i tell them about it, they can't really understand it until they've done it themselves. i told them it's not like getting poked over and over again with needles, but kinda scratching feeling...it's not painful-exactly, but just extreem discomfort and annoyance, i told my suitemate that if ya can live with me, a tat is a piece of cake... the funniest thing is when people think it's a fake one....i love fucking with them. the best is when i though i was going to get a cartoon character, thats what i told everybody- and when i saw the sun, i knew that was the one i wanted. my best friend, who's a little slow saw my tat. i didn't tell him i changed it to a sun and all he could say was "where's woodstock?" because he was a guy, i got to play with him mind by saying isn't it woodstock. i think the best advise anyone has ever given to me about tattoos is wait 6 months to get it. if after 6 months you still want it, then definitely get it. if you change your mind after 6 months then thats a sign not to get it.it totally makes sense because a friend of mine got one as a spur of the moment thing and when i asked her about it the next day, all she could say was " it's still there"... all i can say is that i'm going back to christian on my 21st birthday to get the sign for dream on the top of my back to complete the sunset.....but at least now i know it'lll be easier this time....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Christian
Studio: Studio+Zee
Location: New+Haven

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