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daddy's little girl gets her first tattoo

wanted a tattoo for as long as i can remember, so when I turned 18, i got sick and tired of begging and pleading. I stood up and said "dad, i'm getting a tattoo whether you like it or not." He looked at me, shook his head in the way that dissappointed parents do, and replied "ok. I'll call Bushman". Bushman is one of his long-time friends, and the best tattoo artist around. He does all of the local biker tattos (which kinda scared me because I thought I was gonna end up with something huge and vuglar), but i went; it was an oppportunity I couldn't pass up. One of my really close friends, Jessica, got a tattoo of the word "Libre" ("love" in Geman) with tribal one her upper arm. I liked it, but didn't want something like that on my body. I wanted something pretty and girlish (not because i'm really feminine, but because i didn't want to be an old lady with sailor lines on my body). I wanted something I would cherish and enjoy for the duration of my life, so it was a really, reallyy, REALLY difficult decision. I consulted a whole whack of people, but no one had the right ideas for me. I knew it was going to be on me forever, so I knew it had to be good. I went through a lot of different options: Strawberry Shortcake (because Strawberry's my nickname), a tree (because I'm extremely environmentally freindly), a daisy (but decided against it, eventhough it's my absolute favoutite flower because it was too girly and far too over done), a dragon (mainly because i just love them... i'll probably get one later on in life though), a spider (still might get one, the only reason I didn't is because my mommy didn't really feel too keen about it), and finally, a unicorn (I've loved them my whole life... I think they're beautiful). So, one night at about 7, we went over to his house (he works out of his upstairs... it's like a regular shop up there.). I was nervous, and after a day of all of my tattooed friends telling me how much it was going to hurt and how scabbed it would get, I was totally ready to pack up and leave before i even picked out a design. Well, I told myself i was going to do it, took a few deep breaths, and chose a design . I settled on a pretty unicorn in front of a glittery rainbow coming out of a star, to the utter and complete joy of my mother (who also likes them), and a feeling of relief from me. I was estatic that I found something I really liked; something i would love indefinately. I sat in the chair while Bush was tracing the design on the temp paper, let him apply it to my right shoulder-blade, went and looked at it in the mirror to be sure it was where i wanted it, and was ready to bolt again! I was content with the temp, and told him so. I even told him my dad would pay him for it and we would be off. Bush just chuckled and said I would be fine. I wasn't so sure... Well, i didn't run away, I didn't even cry. I kinda flinched when he turned on the needle, but to tell the honest truth, it hardly hurt. Bush was telling me about how proud he was of me because a big biker-dude had passed out in his chair the day before while getting a superman symbol on his arm (ironic, eh?), while I, this little 115 pound girl was sitting, smoking a cigarette like i was getting my nails done! I felt completly at ease and in control. I felt good. When he was done, I couldn't stop looking at it. I hardly bled, my colours were perfect, and my tattoo was wonderful. He covered it in polysporin, ceran wrap, and I was done. I was so excited, i could hardly contain myself. I, April, now possesed a cool tattoo!! I took really good care of it, kept it moist, and was rewarded with NO scabbing to the dismay of my friends (no utterances of "I told you so" here). I still love it, and am planning on getting another one in the near future; a pixie with looks similar to mine sitting on a daisy. I'm now pretty close to convincing my daddy about getting one on his own body, and I'm sure when i go in to get my next one, he'll be completly sure he needs one too. Sorry if my story bored you; i know it bored my friends when i repeatedly told the the same one you just read for months, but it was a magical experience for me. I love the fact that it will be there forever; it's a part of me that will remain for the rest of eternity...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Bushman
Studio: Bushman%27s+Tattoos
Location: Chatham%2C+Ontario

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