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the grime

first expierience with grime in sept of 97 when i got a nine hour 1/4 leg sleeve (full color and cover up.the tattoo he covered was a six inch in circumference dragon (b/g),and covered it with two mexican day of the dead reapers carrying an exploding tattoo machine,(see it in issue two of flashin' skin,a japanese publishing).the colors in the tattoo are amazing,especially since it is a cover-up.first i have to say that it was a slow,time consuming process,that i didnt think i would make it through,but grime has a light touch were he only tattoos what needs to be done without putting 500 lbs. of pressure behind the needle.but still working moderately fast,but none the less,it was truly enlightening.i must say i learned so much from him that day that it changed the way i tattooed completely,artistically and technicly speaking.barrier gaurds were used religiously,every thing was opened in front of me assuring that i was using single-use needles.i felt very safe and comfortable. the shop was overall very relaxing but at same time it was very modern in its layout,not your traditional tattoo parlor as it is off the street on a second level,there is no flash being a custom shop.walking through you get the feeling of being in an art gallery as there is paintings and sculptors hanging throughout the place,all done by variuos tattooists and artists who have graced the shop with theyre presence or from customers showing theyre appreciation.allison,who was at the time the counter girl was very pleasant and informing,gretted us with a smile,something you dont see much of in cleveland .musically speaking,we went from hip hop to hardcore to very ambiant sounds,never overbearing but kept my mind off the pain,a bonus.the art of grime is very captivating,and since it was hanging all over his walls it was easy to get a sense of his style.being first a traditionalist,grime has mastered the japanese style while giving it his own twist,showing his graffiti background in alot of his work.this,i believe gives his work an edge that has been unseen in this industry,taking this art form to a new and different level.i myself had been tattooing for six years and up to that point i was really seeking some sort of direction with my art.after seeing an article on grime in 96' i knew i wanted to be tattooed by him just for the sheer power his art displayed,now im not an ass kisser, but let me tell you that when everything has been tattooed a million times,grime will find a way it hasnt been done.now back to the tattoo,grime had done the tattoo under serious personal strife but still was able to pull the tattoo off flawlessly and still be a great conversationalist while working.while getting tattooed it dawned on me after five years of waiting,knowing i wanted a buddhist backpiece,(not just a traditional buddhist one tho),that i found my artist.to really top it off,grime travelled not once,twice, but three times to work on it,even tho i planned on travelling to san fran for a majority of the work.so in three sittings we have put in 19 hours of work,being outline,shading and half the color.we still have another 20 hours to go,in which we will be marathoning in three days in a row, six hour sittings.grime will be at my shop in a week or so to finish this epic tattoo,(i cant wait so i can show it)and the appreciation cant be shown enough to him(except for the cash),being his first backpiece,im sure he will feel warm all over about this piece the rest of his life.i have to say that i know who is doing my left sleeve,that also will need a bunch of cover-up work as well,but i am confident that the grime will pull through.if you are in anyway into custom tattoos you should seek out the grime and get tattooed by him for it is an expierience you will never forget.as of now grime is travelling across the country,tattooing at quite a few shops,making his way to japan for the convention,so look for him in your favorite tattoo parlors and hope he has time to work on you.so what ever you do,just make damn sure that this cat put his pin in your skin,even if its just a little stinking dot,you too can say you got tattooed by the GRIME!!!thanx grime,good luck in japan-------tony-------


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: the+grime
Studio: primal+urge
Location: san+fransisco

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