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Two of a kind

always been very interested and fascinated by BM and BDSM. Somehow it touches some deeper basic darker part of me. The part of me I love the most. I have been playing with S&M since I was a child, not being aware yet what it was and that it was something special. Most of the partners I have been with went along with me far. But never I had such a mutual feeling of being aware of our darker part as with the women of my ritual tattoo. the tattoo that signed me for who I really am. Both for our own personal reasons we decided to have our genitals tattooed. we had no experience with this at all. But the idea did excite us so much and the early plan for a piercing only grew into the most incredible happening. We developed the design of the tattoo week after week until we were completely satisfied it became a very symbolic maori-look-a-like design that was addapted for both the male and female genitals. In the center of the design we drew a very special symbol out of a fairytale. it means something like encountering the dark but not getting sucked into it. One fine day we took the yellow guide and phoned several tattoo artists. We had a little chat with them about what is involved with getting tattooed. the first tree we didn't like their answers and their personality from the phone. the fourth was exactly what we had in mind. A very open minded relaxted man and he liked our idear a lot. also he did not mind we brought in the design ourselfs. We went to see him and at first we where a bit shocked by his shop and lookings. One oldfashioned funny looking guy! but right after we showed him the idear we all got very enthiousiastic. He took the drawings and we went home waiting for him to have adapted some details into tattooable lines in this specific area. After a few days he phoned us to come in for the real thing to happen. We prepared ourselfs by shaving our genitals and looking at our lower blanco skin for the last time. With a very weird and warm feeling in my belly we went.. He decided she had to go first. She undid her dress and layed down. He took some kind of carbon paper with the copy of the final drawing for her mounted it in the exact place and removed it again leafing the rough print behind. The design started halfway her outer lips as two curly snakes moving upwards along her clit and spreading wider with symbols inside upwards upto 6 cm. under her belly button. It looked like a real big tattoo. He had enlarged the tattoo quit a bit and it sure did look bigger then we imagined beforehand. This certainly was not a bikini-line tattoo. we both stared at the carbon-print and felt a glow of excitement coming over us. If we went for this it would become a real change!! Every second of looking at the print and feeling of the implications it felt nicer and nicer and she told him with some special voice to start the tattooing. He took the needle-machine and started with a long line in between her legs. The experience itself felt like the ritual of becoming a man and women. It was very painfull, like being cut with a razer blade line after line. She had to shout it out loudly especially the long lines over her "Venus-hill" were very painfull and she asked him to stop for a litlle while after every few minutes. it took about 1 hour to do the black outlines and another hour to do the area's with the grey ink. During the whole process I was standing aside of her and told her how great it looked. This was one of the most erotic experiences you can imagine. she now had our upcoming mutual sign. Now it was my turn to lay down and her task to look at me and standing before me with her bold tattooed pussy. I bit my teeth and felt eternity and being very temporary at once... It very much felt like an ancient ritual to me of becoming a man. I liked this typical stinging pain and saw the lines appear. Mine was exactly what I had in mind only the part at the beginning over my shaft was longer then I first imagined, but it felt so good to totally go for it without consessions. My tattoo took about 1 hour and a half. I liked it very much and felt a bit dizzy. We went home and felt our funny feeling genitals. There was nearly no afterpain and only a few litlle blood rests were gone after a few days. we did it I did it and she did it! This now has taken place about tree years ago, we both went our own way again and each day I am enjoying my Tattoo shining through my dark genital hair and rolling over the beginning of my shaft.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tattooed+by+dutch+tattoo+artist
Studio: anonymous
Location: Holland

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