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My beautiful Dragon

f my friends think I’m immune to pain. I already had 2 tattoo's (a black dragon on my right breast and a green dragon in the center of my lower back) and my tongue pierced and I honestly never felt a thing with any of them, I even fell asleep during my second tattoo. But nothing could have prepared me for my third tattoo. One day I was online talking to a friend about the actual tattooing process. She decided that she wanted to get one and this gave me the restless urge to get a third. So we spent countless hours on the Internet browsing tattoo designs and spent a few hours looking through the flash art in Townsville's 3 tattoo studios. Finally she decided on a small purple dragon and I had my heart set on a large blue and purple dragon. So we made an appointment asap at Silver Spur. We chose SS as I'd been there for my second tat and my tongue stud (my friend also got his Prince Albert there - his story is posted on here somewhere). They are very clean, helpful and I thought they were fantastic. My friend's tat took all of half an hour and I think she got rather annoyed waiting around for me, but luckily 2 other friends of ours showed up for moral support and kept her entertained. Now my first 2 tat's were very small, one colour and took about 30 minutes each, and neither of them prepared me for my third. The outline alone took around 30 minutes and felt vaguely like someone lightly dragging a pin across my thigh. 1 smoke break and another 30 minutes later the shading was finished. After another smoke break Gary started on the colour. He started with light blue then covered that with dark blue and that went without a hitch. After that, yet another smoke break followed by light purple and then covered by dark purple. This by now, had taken the best part of 2 and a half hours and my leg was starting to feel a little like someone had attacked it with a blow torch. But I gritted my teeth and got on with it. Another hour and a half, red, orange, dark yellow, light yellow, touches of white and many smoke breaks later I stood admiring my bruised and bloody tattoo in the shop mirror. I absolutely adored it! Gary and the rest of the guys at SS were absolutely terrific, one of them even bought me a coke (which I though was rather nice). And despite Gary's constant playful come-on's they made me feel completely comfortable. By the time it was finished, my leg was kind of numb but walking out and driving home was not a fun experience and neither were the stairs when I got there. When I got home I sat down and refused to move. My 2 flatmates were great though and helped me out heaps. My leg was really painful for the next few days so I didn't move around too much, but when I had to my friends were fantastic with driving me places and making sure I didn't have to walk very far. I must admit I was rather surprised that no one ever told me to sod off, it was after all self inflicted pain. The swelling went down after a few days and the visible bruising was gone in about a week, though it was still a bit painful to touch for a few days after that. The healing was very strange compared to my first 2. With the first 2 they scabbed up after about 24 hours and were completely healed in just over a week. With this one after about a week the top layer of skin began to peel off much like sunburn. After that it got itchy and the skin started to wrinkle but never actually scabbed. The wrinkling started to fade after about a week (2 weeks from getting it done) and now, nearly 4 weeks later it's completely healed. In the end it took approximately 4 hours to complete, cost $300 (but I got it for $270 as Silver Spur give a 10% discount to Uni students) and takes up the top half of my right thigh. (A placement I would only recommend if you have a high pain threshold) I've wanted tattoo's for as long as I can remember and don't regret any of them, but if you have even the slightest doubt DON'T DO IT! If you have any questions about tattooing, (I've already talked 3 friends through their first tattoo's) or if you want to know about my tat's or even if you want to see them (because they're up on the web) feel free to email me.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Silver+Spur
Location: Townsville+Australia

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