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Amy's First Tattoo

t age 13, i wanted to get a tattoo. My mommy always said no, so I gave up, but we were visiting some family in las vegas when i was 14, and I was like "Mom can i get a tattoo"? and i guess thinking ii woudlnt go through with it, she said yes. So.. we called a few places but no one would do it, so she said once we get home we will. So a few weeks after we got home, I called some places and they wouldnt do it even with parent permission, so I called rosamond ( a nearby town ) and they said they would do it. So we made an appt. I was thinking of getting a butterfly, so we get there, and she is doing someones cartilage. Oh BTW, she works out of a hair/nail salon. The girl who did it had tattoos all over! She said that I needed to eat, because sometimes if you don't some people pass out. So we went to the liquor store and got some chips and a soda. I was getting pretty nervous by then, but not nearly as bad as I had expected. We get back, I eat, then time to pick out what I want. I wanted a really small one, and none of the butterflies were small, so I picked out a flower, and she re-designed it a little, to make it more unique, then she applied the temp. So she got all the ink out, and i sat down.. Then she started. I was shaking so it was kind of hard for her to do it, she kept telling me to relax, and finally i stopped shaking. i expected a lot more pain, but it hurt somewhat. I tried to keep myself occupied, there were these signs on the wall, so i just kept repeating them over and over again, in my head of course. Finally she was done. YaY. so i stood up, and looked at it, and it was bleeding, so she put some stuff on it, and seren(sp?) wrap and gave me after care 411. Day 2 I went to school that day, didnt show anyone about it really, it was a little sore, but i dealt with it. My Mom being as worried as she is, constantly made me make sure i applied stuff to it. She was really cool about it, afterwards she decided it was really pretty, and wanted one herself. Day 3 It started scabbing a little, so it began itching. Whenever it did that to keep from scratching it, i was constantly putting on this vitamin oil with a q-tip. It made it feel much better My advice for others, if you want one, get it! Its not that much pain, and while they do it, keep yourself occupied. My Dad , didn't know for awhile about it, I guess he finally realized, but we never talked about it, and he has never commented. My aunt came up,a few months after i got it, and she is way into tattoos, so we almost talked my Mom into getting one, and letting me get one too. I hope my Mom decides to get one soon, then I will get one at the same time. I plan on getting like two or three small butterflies on my chest. I really enjoy mine. A few family members disagreed about me getting it, but i was happy, i got it for me and no one else. Well, I'm sure you are all getting pretty sick of reading this by now, and its becoming just opinionated, because of the minimum word count, i have to keep typing, so if your done , you can stop here, otherwise keep reading and ill go on. My sister has quite a few tattoos, she first got a star with "Ringo" tattooed inside of it when she was 17. I thought that idea was dumb, because now she doesnt even like the beatles. Then her and her best friend got a tattoo together, she got one half of a ying-yang and her friend got the other, I thought that was a cute idea. Then she has her fiancee's name on her foot. No one thought I would go through with getting my tattoo, so once I got it done, i was really quite proud of myself, and excited. But once we got home, i like looked at it, and I was all 'what have i done', I was a little worried at first that i would regret it, but now I love it. It's on my shoulder blade. Its kind of weird sometimes, someone will comment on it, like "thats a really cute flower" and for a minute i am like what the heck are you talking about, because i forget about it, then i realize it. hehe.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Location: Rosamond+California

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