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first tatt experience=bad , next 6=good

it all started about a year ago when i graduated high school. i decided that in order to mark a major transition in my life i would need to do something drastic ,ie. a tattoo. my girlfriend at the time was not at all enthusiastic about me getting a permenate work of art on my body but i wasnt about to let that stop me on the advice of a friend i drove to a shop an hour or so away from where i live to get my tatt done( while a friends testomnial might be all well and good its best to get a couple references about a place before you decide that you want them and them alone to place something on your body permenatly ). i got there an hour before the placed opened so i had time to get some grub before the event. when the place finally opened i went inside with my picture in hand and ran into my first problem. the tattoo artist for the day wasnt going to be in for a bit so i would have to wait , i decided that it was worth the wait and began to do so. i was quoted a price of two hundred dollars for the tatt( and for an inexperienced person it didnt seem unreasonable , i would later find out it was a rip off and problem # 2 ) when the guy finally got there i was nervous as hell , i didnt know what to expect and i had no frame of reference to judge the pain. i was told about an hour for the tribal girl on left leg and when he started i knew it was going to be a long hour. well all the stories about how only the outline hurts and the shading isnt to bad , LIES ! it all hurts and anyone who tells ya otherwise is lying to ya. i now suggest to people who wanna get tattooed to talk to people who have more then one tattoo on very diffrent parts of thier body in order to get an idea of what they are going to go through ( while everyone is diffrent this will give you a frame of reference for the amount of pain you will go through ). the hour went by kinda quick. when it was over i was told any lotion with vitamin A for healing ( which also turned out to be bum advice and last but not least problem # 3 ). after a couple months i noticed a lot of fading in the tatt. i contribute this to the lousy advice that the lotion would do the trick. about six months later my girlfriend and i called it quits and once again i found myself craving a tattoo. i decided to find a place on my own and thats when i found Augie. he has done my last six tattoos and i couldnt be happier ( a star on each wrist , 50's pin up girl and man's ruin on my right leg , a chinese character on my neck{for "master"} and a pulse on each of my wrists ). i am now a firm beliver in the power of NEOSPRIN to heal. i have used this ( instead of the fabuled lotion with vitamin A ) and have had wondewrful results and no loss of color. i now enjoy all seven of my tattoos and i am currently working on designing half-sleeves for myself. i have plans in the future to have alot more work done and i try to get into the shop every two months or so to get more work done. i dont regret any of my work and i get questions all the time about how im gonna feel in fourty or fifty years and i just have to tell um that im gonna feel the same way then that i do now. tattoos are always something ive wanted and now that i have um im just gonna keep getting more. i have decided now my next adventure will be a frenum! which i have BME to thank for. i saw the piercing online here and i fell in love. Augie will also be performing this procedure ( my advice is find someone that ya like and stick with them it is best for your body and work as a whole! ) in about two weeks so i guess ill have to write ya back and let ya know how my first piercing went. all of my perenthesis aside from my tatt description are things i have learned over the last year. i wish i had known even half of the things i know now about tattoos when i went to get my first one. the best thing i can tell anyone who wants to get a tattoo is "do the research , its gonna be there for the rest of your life , you want it to look as good as poossible." and also that expense doenst always equal quality

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: augie
Studio: doc+finn%27s
Location: illinois

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